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Friday, October 19, 2007


Vegas is a really cool town! I like it a lot! The weather is great and the people are really friendly here. I can see myself staying her for a while! I'm looking foward to moving into a better neighborhood soon!

I feel good and I am really optimistic about the possibilities. Everything is a process and patience is key!

I miss my niece like crazy! That's probably the most difficult adjustment. I am used to being with her. She's my bestfriend and my sister. So, the 2200 miles is feeling like a world away from her! Hopefully, she will visit soon! I am missing all of my friends, actually. I miss my dad and brother also. My mom is here in Vegas with me. I'll miss her when she is gone, but I am kind of ready to get into my zone so I can start writing my second manuscript. I usually like to be alone with my thoughts when I write.

I have a lot of goals to accomplish while I am down here. I want to see Toni Braxton's show, all of the Cirque de Soleil shows, Folies Bergiere and a few other shows. I want to do some theater, gain some work experience in my field, finish my manuscript, finish a Master's degree and just enjoy life.

Stay tuned!

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kar33mham said...

See "O" first (Bellagio). It is the best of the Cirque de Soleil.