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Sunday, December 16, 2007

2007 Year in Review and 2008 goals

This was a rollercoaster ride of a year! I have had some of the weirdest experiences ever! I kind of feel like I live in the Twilight Zone. I've had everything from people at my former place of employment conspiring against me to a dude threatening to rape me to an anonymous letter from, what I found out later, was a dude I barely knew. Weird! But, I have had some really cool experiences. I took an acting class at the beginning of the year that I really enjoyed. I learned a lot about myself and the craft. I had the most amazing vacation and I've made some really cool new friends. I've visited some really cool places. The year also included some disappointments. I came really close to finally getting somebody at a major publisher to read my manuscript and they changed their mind about it. Although, they noted it was with " a heavy heart." My best friend moved far away. I miss him sooooooooooo much! I want to cry even thinking about it. I was hanging out with this dude I really liked only to find out he was selfish and unconcerned with my feelings-very typical. I was in a play briefly, only to have the director ask to speak with me. He asked me a very inappropiate set of questions that I won't get into. Needless to say, I dropped out of the play, immediately! It hasn't been a bad year. I wouldn't call it great. But, whatever it is or was, I learned a lot about myself and life. I don't feel like the same person I was even a year ago.

I'm looking forward to 2008. I hope to keep growing and learning. I am learning to be quiet. My biggest goal in life is to have peace. I want a peaceful existence. I want peace in my professional, personal and financial life. I believe peace brings joy and joy is much deeper than happiness. I'm trying to eliminate any level of complaining out of my life. I don't think complaining helps anything or anybody. The complainer doesn't solve anything and the complaint only burdens the person who listens to it. I think it's best to be all about finding something in your life that balances the negative things that cause complaining. If you're quiet, if you pray, if you meditate and listen the answer is there. The idea is not to panic. It's easy to panic, especially for my busy ass. I am such a busy thinker and person that sometimes I don't give myself the opportunity to just sit still and wait. My friend the other day told me that I was "destined for greatness." I don't necessarily think I am destined for greatness. But, I am starting to believe that instead of trying to create my own destiny by moving around so much, getting all this education and listening to myself, maybe I should allow God to work on me. My solutions aren't necessarily working. I keep going in circles when it comes to my personal, financial and professional life. So, for 2008 I plan to sit still more often and listen to the universe. I don't think that I will stay in Vegas too much longer. The key word is "think." Life changes everyday, but at this moment Vegas doesn't feel like home. I am glad I came here. I am definitely not one who is afraid of change. I do my best to never live my life in a box. I am going to try again with my manuscript and start working on another and I hope to do some freelance theater writing. I want to take a long holiday in Europe somewhere and I hope to visit my bestfriend. I want to read more books and I HAVE TO DO ANOTHER PLAY! I'm excited to see what the new year will bring!

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