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Friday, January 11, 2008

I Didn't Get the Memo

So, there's this dude that I went to elementary school with and we saw each other at a festival and decided to hang out. We hung out a few times. He was cool. He was kind of boring, to me, and he always wanted to compete with me (which I think is odd), but he was okay and I didn't mind hanging out with him. It was completely innocent. A couple of trips to the bowling alley, an Erykah Badu concert and I can't remember the other hang out spots. I can be a little weird at times, I know, but he took weirdness to new heights. Maybe, it's just me and maybe I am mean, but he would always call me from the bus. I have no problem with him riding the bus. That's his business. But, his reason was a little off to me (DUDE HAS A CAR). He liked to do it to "watch people." Not that there is anything wrong with watching folks. I can be quite observant myself, but I have never hopped on a bus just for the hell of it. He was just weird and irritating. He irritated me because he always told me about his plans to make me his girlfriend for 2008. WTF? Dude, who said I like you like that? Is it because I hung out with you? So, I decided to lose all contact because his intentions were COMPLETELY different than mine. I just wanted to bowl, he wanted me to be his girlfriend. Well, that wasn't going to happen, so I tried to quietly lose contact. I wouldn't hang with or call him and I would ignore his calls a couple of times and he would get the picture. Right? Wrong! I stopped answering his calls in October and he is still calling. He calls, he sends emails and several texts. Infact, two days ago he sent a text, WITH A PICTURE OF HIMSELF, that said "I didn't get the memo. I didn't know we weren't friends anymore. By the way, I was in Vegas for New Year's." Why hasn't he got the point? Do I owe an explanation to someone who hasn't spoken to me in almost four months who I had only been back in contact with for two months? Why Lawd, why? If I like someone I usually tell them. They don't have to assume or wonder. They know because I tell them and I show them. Just because we shared a pizza doesn't mean I want to date you!!!! I thought he was weird in elementary school, I thought he changed. I was wrong! I hope he gets the point! God bless him and I am sure there is a girl out there for him, but it aint me! Am I mean? Should I send a memo?

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