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Monday, May 5, 2008

Cinco de Mayo Weekend!

I had the absolute best weekend ever!!! My friend Krishma came to town this past Friday and we shut the town down! Friday we hung out at the mall and went to lunch at my favorite pizzeria here in Vegas, Sammy's. I love that place! It's namesake might also have something to do with it. We both ate an ENTIRE pizza. Afterwards we went to the movies to see "Baby Mama." It was a really cute, quirky and fun movie. I love Tina Fey! After indulgulging in candy at the movies that we snuck in our purses from CVS, we decided to go walk around at The Fremont Experience. What is The Fremont Experience without 99 cent margaritas? We enjoyed a couple and headed back to my apartment. Krish and I got beautified and headed to Peppermill. We felt really guilty about our REALLY big lunches so we attempted to be healthy when we got there and we ordered salads. Our "healthy dinners" turned out to be two unhealthy and slightly disgusting salads smothered in dressing and chunks of bacon (my bacon bits looked like they slapped the entire pig on top of the salad. EWWWWW!). After kind of eating dinner we went to the lounge area and enjoyed delicious cosmos. The fireside drinks were really cool. The affectionate couple across the fire slobbing each other down almost made me lose my pig bits, but we enjoyed ourselves anyway. We eventually made our way to Rum Jungle at Mandalay Bay. We literally danced three hours straight. Unfortunately, I was attacked by Mini Me on the dance floor. He kept humping my leg (and I assume flirting-I couldn't really understand what he was saying, his voice was so high pitched only a dog could probably hear him). It was disgusting! Finally, my violated calf and I had enough and I ran away from him. Poor Krish was attacked by the man with man boobs. We had a great time anyway. lol. The next day we hung out on the strip and did some drunk shopping. We had drinks at Hawaiian Tropic Zone. It was great. We watched a little bit of the Pistons game at the Planet Hollywood Sports Lounge. I DRANK BEER! Yuck! Never again! I had hiccups that wouldn't go away and my bladder was quite upset by the whole ordeal. How do people drink beer? Yuck! We came home and took a nap and prepared to go party like some rock stars at Boulder Station. When we were at my place we had the coolest idea to rock a mini skirt and short shorts. But, once we stepped through the doors of the casino, we both felt a chill. "These outfits were a good idea at your apartment," said Krishma. A profound statement! I felt exactly the same way! The man who followed us making noises and whistling didn't help our discomfort level! lol. We checked out "Yellow Brick Road" at the Railhead. They totally rocked! They are a classic rock cover band. They played one of my favorite songs by U2, "Where the Streets Have No Names", it was great! Sunday we woke up and put on our bathing suits and headed to Tao Beach inside of The Venetian. It was a really dope scene with all of "the beautiful people." We met two very Italian guys, Guisseppe and Alex. They were from Naples and they migrated to Germany. They wore Prada sunglasses and bathing suits. They were so Italian! Their English was broken, but we communicated. They bought us strawberry mojitos and we danced, danced, danced the afternoon away. There was a DJ spinning Techno and Electronica while a live saxophonist and drummer played along. A very dope scene! Basically, a club with a pool! We made ourselves dinner last night and then we got ready to go out. We went to a really cool downtown bar, The Griffin. It was a dark, laid back bar with one of the best bartenders in town. My dirty martini was yummy! I like it dirty. Krishma's friend S-Dogg met us at the bar. We had a few more drinks and we checked out the party next door at this club that used to be a beauty salon. All the punk club kids in town were there. We danced some more! Eventually, a fake pimp with a big red hat, a hideous red outfit and a red feather came into the place. He spotted me and started dancing. I didn't give a shit! I was having fun! Sure, let's dance. Suddenly, this mofo starts feather dusting me with his feather. I had to make a mental note: "Note to self, wash your face with bleach when you get home. I don't know where his feather has been." Lol. Afterwards, S-Dogg, Krish and I decided to go have a margarita down at Fremont St in honor of Cinco de Mayo. It was way past midnight and we wanted to show our May 5th love. S-Dogg left and took his cab back to his hotel and K and I checked out the Beauty Bar one last time. We had a couple of more dances and finally left and went home. K left this morning after we ate breakfast and after a quick trip back to The Strip. So, I am in Vegas solo again. It sucks! I am glad I finally was able to go out and have some fun! I work so much, I forgot what fun feels like. Krish reminded me! I am so thrilled and grateful she came out here! We were rock stars this weekend!

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Yall got to hang out with Snoop? All I got was a rock.