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Monday, July 21, 2008

Weekend Update

Hello folks!

I just wanted to share what I did this weekend. It was a pretty good one.

Friday I went to the Journey, Cheap Trick and Heart concert at Mandalay Bay and I had a really good dinner at The Red, White and Blue restaurant. They have really great burgers and I had a really good drink called Sin City Tea.

Saturday I saw a mattinee for The Dark Knight. It was everything everyone has said about it. Fabulous! It was an amazing film. Heath Ledger played the heck out of the joker. He was superb! Christian Bale was gorgeous as ever and smoldering. He is the perfect Batman, in my opinion.

Sunday I wrote seven pages for my book (that's really good...I usually average a page and a half a day) and I did some cleaning and reading.

Well, it's another week.

I am in get back to Detroit mode right now. I really want to save some money so that I can go to grad school and my cousin is planning a spring trip to Europe and I REALLY want to go.

I am not really doing anything spectacular here, so I need to go home to readjust and seek out my dreams more aggressively.

I've been here almost 10 months and it's time to go!

I will keep you updated on the moving plans.

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Anonymous said...

Better than Adam West??