Sam @CUSP Conference 2015

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Freelance Editor, Writer and Publicist

Hello All,

I am currently attempting to take my editing, writing and PR to the next level. I am currently working on a portfolio of press releases for a start-up mobile marketing firm.

If you are interested in having a resume and/or cover letter done I can also work with you, please contact me.

My primary focus is theater and event reviews.

For references and more information you can contact me at

Talk to ya soon :)

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Liz said...

Sam! I miss ya! Sounds like you're staying busy in NYC!! That's so exciting and I'm so proud of you. Things are getting better with the photography thing. We're working on mike's website some more but here is a rough draft...
I started back to work today and it was fun but different. Pledge is in a few weeks and everyone is a little crazy. lol talk to you soon.