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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Me and the Treadmill

This week I was running on the treadmill and I fell off.

I bruised my shoulder and leg. I also busted my lip and knee. I was a mess.

I was looking down at my Ipod to change the song when I lost my footing and I fell face first on the treadmill. I then flew off because it was obviously still moving and I flew shoulder first into the wall.

A lesser woman would have been scared to get back on, but I did. I conquered my fears and ran for 35 minutes. I feel great and I am happy I am back in the groove. I have ten pounds to lose and they won't go away without exercising. Let's just hope I have met my accident quota for the year. I fell in the shower not even a year ago. I want to shed ten pounds of fat not limbs.





Nisha said...

lol. u clumsy! I knew that would happen

Donny said...

yes you are!!! but i think one day ur gunna kill urself!! if you dont watch it!!

Anonymous said...

remember Isaac Hayes

Anonymous said...