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Thursday, September 18, 2008


Why me? Okay, so this dude that I met when I was 17 has been stalking me. The guy and I never dated, maybe hung out a handful of times and we barely knew each other. We met because one of his friends was dating one of my bestfriends. Anyway, this dude who I haven't seen in over ten years and barely remember wrote me this two page letter. He knows I own two cats (they go outside, so I am sure he has driven by my parents house), and he knows that my mom still owns the same Hyundai from ten years ago. Actually, he admitted that he has driven past the house several times. He even said that he was tempted to stop by. The crazy thing is that I don't live there. He sent flowers months ago when I was in Vegas and I don't live there now. The scariest part of the letter was the end. He wrote, "I just have to see what's with you before I go out here and find me another you. I just couldn't see myself letting it go without finding out if we can be a part of each other lives this time around. I crazy yup!" Yes, dude you are crazy! I barely remember you! Please, stop sending stuff to my elderly parents' home. It never fails! Last summer this dude I met in one of my classes months ago threatened to rape me because I wouldn't go out with him. Why me Lawd? Why do these random dudes who I barely know or knew and can hardly recall and barely had any sort of interaction with bother me? When I was 17 I told this other dude that I didn't want to date him and he wrote me this long detailed letter about crying all night long because I rejected him.

Dudes I actually date (which are few, far and in between) never trip and go crazy. The practical strangers always do! It's so annoying.

The psycho who wrote me the letter I received today sent flowers to my parents in Detroit months ago anonymously. He admitted it was him in this recent letter (he's written before). Idiot, you sent my parents flowers! I DON'T LIVE THERE!!!!

It's not flattering! Go away!

I had to get that off my chest.

P.s. He sent a pic of himself with a caption that read, "Me in Nashville Tennessee, see how sane I look and bald." Huh?!



donny said...

WOW...can somebody!!

Anonymous said...

don't be so hard. but be careful.

Anonymous said...

somethings should not be published. whatever you say or do on the internet remains forever.I would not want everyone to know all about my personal life

Anonymous said...

Why? Is there something embarrassing about someone stalking you? That's just stupid. Who cares if that lasts forever, not like she said, "I have herpes"