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Saturday, September 13, 2008


I am really excited about my new piece. I am still in love with my first manuscript, "Everything Is Not Enough," but my new piece seems more organic and it's a lot easier this time around. So, I thought I would tease you guys a little bit and share the first chapter of my new manuscript with you. It's untitled and I don't want to give away the storyline just yet, but I want to wet your palates a little bit. So, here it is...

"Untitled" by Sam White

Chapter 1

“I can’t believe this is happening to me,” Lauren whispered to herself as she sat on the examining table in her doctor’s office.

The doctor sat on the chair in front of her with her hand on Lauren’s knee concerned. “We have several treatments for HIV Lauren. People are living with the disease these days, not dying from it.”

Lauren heard the doctor, but the words coming from Dr. Brinkman didn’t comfort her. She felt like her life was over. David had already taken her trust, pride, respect and love and spat on them. Now, he was taking her life away from her.

Her entire relationship with David flashed before her eyes. She couldn’t believe that the person who promised to love and keep her had done this to her. The man she fell head-over-heels in love with twenty years ago had given her a death notice and there was nothing she could do about it.

It all began as a bed of roses and now the roses had turned black…

“I’m going to coooollleeege! I’m going to coooollleeege! I’m so exciiiited! I’m so exciiiited!” Lauren sang as she and her mother moved Lauren into her dorm room. She was finally eighteen and free of her parents strict rules! She was finally an adult.

“You’re going to miss me and dad. You just watch and see! One day you are going to be sitting in your room and it’s going to hit you.” Lauren’s mom Sandra said.

Lauren sat the box she was holding in her hand down on the bed and walked over to her mom and wrapped her arms around her. “You’re right mom. I am going to miss you. Lauren kissed her mother on her cheek and let go. “I’m just excited about this new phase.”

“Well, I am so proud of you honey. You did so well in high school. I am sure you will do the same in college. You’re an amazing young woman.” Mrs. Young said to her daughter.

“Thanks mom.”

After a long day of unpacking and making her dorm room comfortable, Lauren went to bed. She could barely sleep. She was going to meet her roommate the next day and she had a feeling that her first year of college was going to change her life. Who could sleep with so much anticipation?

Lauren woke up the next day to her new roommate Leighton who was with her sister and mother.

“Hi. I’m Lauren. How are you?” Lauren said as she got out of her bed and walked over to Leighton, her sister and mom.

“Hi I’m Leighton. I’m your new roommate. It’s nice to meet you. This is my sister Kendall and my mom.” The girls shook hands.

“Hi I’m Mrs. Reynolds.” Leighton’s mom said and she hugged Lauren.

Leighton’s mother ordered pizza for the girls and they all sat around all day talking, laughing and unpacking.

Lauren immediately felt like she had known Leighton and her family her entire life.

Over the next couple of weeks the fall semester of school began.

Lauren had a full schedule.

She wanted to be a lawyer her entire life and she knew she was going to have to work really hard over the next eight years to make that happen.

Her first day of classes she went into her English class and she sat in the front row. She noticed a really cute guy next to her. She had never been shy so she introduced herself to him.

The cute guy was looking back at her. So, it was the perfect opportunity to make introductions. “Hi. I’m Lauren.”

“Hi. Lauren. I’m David. It’s nice to meet you.”

David also had plans of becoming a lawyer. He and Lauren instantly became best friends. They had many similarities. Both of them were raised in Washington D.C. They both came from affluent families. Lauren’s mother was a successful entrepreneur. She was one of the most popular wedding planners in the D.C. and Baltimore area. Her father was a successful lawyer. Both of David’s parents were successful D.C. lawyers.

A year passed and Lauren and David made it through their first year of college together. By the end of the spring semester, they were inseparable. That summer Lauren went to Athens, Greece with David’s family.

They flew into Athens and spent most of their time on David’s parents’, Mr. and Mrs. Christiansen, yacht. That boat was the very place they discovered that they both desired to be more than friends.

One late night after David’s parents had called it a night and went to bed; Lauren and David were sitting on the front of the docked boat and watching the stars. “I am so glad you came here with me and my family.” David said.

“Oh my god, are you kidding? I am thrilled to be here. I can’t believe I am here. Thank you so much for inviting me. This is amazing. And, your parents’ boat is gorgeous!”

“My mom is so happy you are here. I think you are like the daughter she never had.” David was an only child and he was right, Mrs. Christiansen was ecstatic to have Lauren with the family for their summer get-a-way. Lauren was a charismatic, intelligent, conversational, polite and outgoing young woman. Most people who met her instantly loved her. She was the kind of person you felt you had known your entire life and you wanted her to be your best-friend.

“Well, that’s very nice. I love your mom and dad. They are great.” Lauren and David ate toasted almonds and drank bottled water as they enjoyed each other’s company. Like magnets, their bodies got closer and closer with each word of their conversation and before either of them could notice to stop themselves, they were kissing. It was a sweet and comfortable kiss. It was as natural as the sea upon which they were sailing.

The Christiansen family and Lauren spent the entire summer sailing around Greece, laughing, watching the stars and eating Mediterranean cuisine. It was an exquisite vacation and the perfect setting to fall in love.

Once the summer was over, the dynamic of Lauren and David’s relationship had completely changed and they were officially boyfriend and girlfriend when they returned for their sophomore year of college.

The first day of college was even more exciting this time around. Lauren and Leighton moved into an off campus apartment and Lauren was happy and in love.

The day they moved in, David, of course, helped. “Baby, can you put those boxes on the porch in my room?” Lauren said in her pouty baby voice, knowing she could always get her way with David when she spoke to him that way. He was a sucker for her. “Sure. No problem.”

Lauren, David, Leighton and her new boyfriend, Thomas, sat around the rest of the evening eating Chinese food and watching old movies.

“I knew you guys were going to get together eventually. You guys are too cute together.” Leighton said.

“How did you know?” Lauren asked.

“I knew because of the way you guys look at each other. There is no way two people who look at each other the way you two do should not be together. You’re two peas in a pod and you belong together. I knew it.” Leighton went on to explain.

“Well, you knew it before I did. I figured we would just be platonic friends the way we had been all year. He’s my best friend.” Lauren said and then she kissed David’s forehead.

“Yeah. I thought she was a cool chic and I felt like she was my best-friend. I honestly had no idea we would end up together by the end of the year. I figured we would just go on vacation together and kick it like we always do.” David added.

“Well, whatever the case, I am glad you two are together. It just feels right that you are.” Leighton said.

“Thanks girl.” Lauren said.

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