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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Brokosity 2

So, I have another tip. A really useful tip that has worked for me and hopefully it's something you guys can use.

Times are hard, but we all got to eat, right? Right. So, my tip today for all of us experiencing a little bit of brokosity is to cook with your biggest pot. Cook meals like spaghetti, soup and stews that you can have for several meals. Leftovers are one of brokosity's must-dos. I prepared a pot of spaghetti the other night for dinner and it was the next day's breakfast, lunch and dinner. Sure, it may be somewhat annoying to have the same thing for a meal for four meals. But, it kept my belly full and I saved a couple of bucks by not having to buy food for a day.

Break out those pots so you don't break your wallet feeding yourself!

Until we meet again...



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Liz said...

I totally dig. Sorry I haven't text you for a bit.
I'll write some more soon. Hope everything is going well.