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Friday, October 24, 2008


Okay, so I have invented a new word, "brokosity." It's the answer to Kimora Lee Simmons' "Fabulosity." Sure, we're all fabulous in our own way. We all have the ability to be fabulous. I consider myself to be fabulous (even at night when I am rocking my orange pajama pants, teal shirt, hot pink slippers and red scarf around my head), but the truth is that most of us, especially these days, are broke. It's nothing to be ashamed of and it's nothing to feel bad about. Once we acknowledge our "brokosity" we can come up with a plan to change it into "fabulosity." The thing is... "brokosity" isn't all that bad and there are things that we all can do to embrace it until things are better. I am going to begin posting some of my "brokosity" tips so that I can share how we all can survive while we're broke and prepare for the day when we are not.

Now, you can be broke but it doesn't mean you have to look broke. Most of us can't afford a new wardrobe so it's time to re-invent our current closet. For instance, I have a shirt that is a few years old and I didn't want to throw it away because I am not sure when I am going to be buying another. So, I took a vest that I owned and wore it over the shirt. It covered the hole in the middle of my shirt and created a whole new look for me. I dressed it up with a pair of jeans my cousin gave me a few months back, a cute pair of boots I already owned and some of the jewelry my grandmother left to me. I looked fabulous! "Brokosity" and all!

That's my tip for this week. If you have a shirt that isn't what it used to be and maybe it has a small hole in it or a couple of small holes. Well, cover those up with a jacket or vest or maybe you could even cover it with a cute broach.

Can you take a pair of pants that may have a hole in them to a tailor or even to the dry cleaners and they can sew them up for you? Don't throw them away!

Let's treasure what we have instead of worrying about what we don't. Your clothes might not be new so accessorize them differently, dress them up or down and make them something new. Let's cut up all those department store credit cards and start focusing on saving money and getting out of debt. Clothes are only new for so long. Once we embrace our "brokosity" and realize that if we have to pay for new clothes on a credit card...We're broke! So, rock that three year old sweater this fall and remember "brokosity" is the first step to "fabulosity." You can't be fabulous if you can't pay your bills on time! Kimora, we're trying to get there.

Goodnight guys!


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Anonymous said...

Nice. I like your lifestyle pieces.

Now, lend me some money.