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Saturday, October 11, 2008

New Manuscript...Chapter 3

Okay, so here is Chapter 3 of my new manuscript. This is all I am giving away. You'll just have to wait for the rest of it. Enjoy!

Chapter 3

It was finally time for Lauren and David’s big day.

Lauren began her day with a massage and facial at her favorite spa. She treated all of her bridesmaids and her mom and Mrs. Christiansen to the same.

Three of Lauren’s college friends were her bridesmaids in addition to her maid of honor, Leighton.

After their massages, the ladies went back to Lauren and David’s apartment and got dressed. Thomas came in from New York to the makeup. He was not only good at painting on a canvas, he could paint faces as well. Mrs. Young and Mrs. Christiansen helped Lauren get dressed.

The bridesmaids wore a blue, yellow and red dress. Leighton was dressed in a black John Galliano creation. She was fierce.

All the girls were sitting around talking and laughing in the living room area of the apartment when Lauren finally stepped out of her bedroom with Thomas, her mother and David’s mother in tow. She was stunning. All of the girls’ jaws dropped at the sight of her. She was even more spectacular than the day she first tried on the dress with her hair and makeup. She was a princess. “David is going to die when he sees you.” Leighton told her. “You are gorgeous! Wow!” Lauren started crying. She had been feeling the tears coming the entire morning and she finally let go. She was finally marrying the man of her dreams. Her best-friend, her confidant, her everything.

The girls all hugged and cried. “Okay. Everybody needs to stop before all of your makeup has to be redone. Stop it!” Thomas said as he wiped tears from his face.

Everyone mad their way downstairs to the limo parked outside the apartment.

The doorman held the door as they piled out, one by one.

When they arrived at the church, they snuck in threw the back door and waited in a room for the ceremony to begin.

David was a nervous wreck. His hands and forehead were sweating bullets and his shirt was so wet underneath his tux jacket that it was sticking to him. He loved Lauren to death and he wanted to marry her, but he was still experiencing a major case of cold feet. Infact, his feet were freezing. He was scared to death.

His best man and best bud since kindergarten, Joseph, noticed his friend losing gallons of water and he walked over to him to make sure everything was kosher. “Are you laright man? You look like you are going to pass out at anytime dude.”

“Yo, I’m good. Just a little nervous. It’s natural man. Completely natural.” David answered. He gathered himself since he knew his nervousness was drawing attention. “It’s all good man.”

“I would be nervous if I were you too. I don’t know why she wants to marry you when she could marry me.” Joseph joked.

“Yeah. You wish.” David laughed. He took a deep breath and then allowed himself to enjoy the moment. His life was unfolding just the way he planned. It was a beautiful space in time.

All seventy-five guests sat in the small Baptist church and waited for the ceremony to begin. David, Joseph and Lauren’s pastor stood at the front of the church and finally the music began to play. The three bridesmaids walked down the aisle with the respective groomsman. David’s parents walked down the aisle and then Lauren’s parents made their way to their seats in the front of the church.

The entire church came to their feet and waited for the bride to march down the aisle.

Lauren and her father marched down the aisle. Most of the women and some of the men cried at the sight of the breath taking bride. The entire church couldn’t take their eyes off of Lauren. But, no one was as struck with her beauty as David. His eyes were instantly filled with tears. Her beauty was almost too much to bear. She was an angel. She was always beautiful, but when he realized that when they walked out of that church that day they would be man and wife, he was overwhelmed with emotions.

“You may be seated.” The pastor announced.

The entire church sat and the pastor gave one of the most touching wedding sermons Lauren and David had ever heard. Actually, the sermon affected the entire church. There wasn’t a dry eye in the building by the end of the ceremony.

Afterwards, everyone made their way to the Ritz-Carlton for the wedding reception. The venue was filled with fresh flowers and vibrant colors. There were colorful avant garde flower arrangements at every table and hanging from the ceilings of the hall.

The vibe was even more exciting than the d├ęcor. Mr. and Mrs. Young were thrilled and happy for the newly married couple. Mrs. Young in particular was happy that her daughter had done “the right thing” by marring David. She didn’t want her “shacking up.” It wasn’t the way she was raised. Everyone in the room approached David and Lauren at some point in the evening to give advice, give their congratulations or personally hand over their money gifts for their bridal purse.

Lauren loved to dance and spent the entire reception dancing. She danced with David, her father, her brother, Thomas, Joseph, all of her bridesmaids and any guest that came within three feet of her on the dance floor. She was a lean mean dancing machine. You only get one opportunity to get married, Lauren thought, and she was going to enjoy every minute of that day and night. It was her night and she could spend it how she wanted-dancing.

David was the happiest man on the planet. His nerves completely left his body and he enjoyed the party. He was married and he couldn’t wait to leave the next morning for the honeymoon. It would be his favorite part of the wedding process, by far.

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