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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sam and the City

I'm really worried about the state of mind of some people and how they treat others that they are involved with. It's really sad and discouraging to wittness how some people go about their lives and relationships. For example, yesterday I was standing in line at the credit union when a loud obnoxious man walked in behind me. He was on his cell phone and loud enough for everyone in the credit union to hear him. He was talking into his phone saying, "I will do whatever I want to with my money. Don't worry about what I do with my money Cheryl. I don't ask you about how much money you spent on those 75 cent nails you're always popping off or the ponytails you glue on, sew on and zip on...I don't know why you think you are cute. You belong in the zoo with the rest of the primates...I have no respect for you. I'm a man you are a woman. Stay in your place. Don't nobody want you..." He ranted and disrespected this woman on the phone for at least ten minutes while we were in line. I was so disgusted with him I couldn't even look back. I didn't want to put a face to the person saying all of the disrespectful, chauvinistic and stupid things he was saying.

I really wonder and worry whether there are any gentlemen left in the world. Most guys, from my experience, want to court you via text or facebook. There is no such thing as a phone call to say hello, a nice dinner and a movie. I have a friend who lives in another town and anytime he wants to see how I am doing, he texts. I'm all for texting but I don't think you can build friendships with texts. Maybe, I'm wrong.

People have no problem with calling women names and being disrespectful to women. I felt disrespected by the fact that this man was disrespecting a woman in a room full of women. He should've kept his conversation private. He disrespected himself as well because he looked really dumb.

There is some sort of disconnect between men and women and I am not sure what it is. But, it exists. Text messaging is the new conversation, disrespecting each other is okay and being impolite is understandable.

Just wanted to share my observation with you guys!




M.B.EZ said...

Well, let me be the first to tell you that us gentlemen still exist! And I love text messaging! What's your beef with that? How a person contacts you is based on your availability that you set and project. For example: If you text me every once and while to check up on me, then i'm going to continue to text you! What's the point of calling you if you never call me? Me personally, I rather be face to face. Real up close and personal...

Anonymous said...

Text messaging is the greatest invention since the wheel. Well...and the bikini.

Yep, people on cell phones are annoying. If he had been texting, everyone would have been spared.

Another point for text messaging!