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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sam and the City: Coffee Boy the Update

I did it! I gave the guy at the coffee shop my number! I'm so proud of myself!

I walked into the coffee shop and got a Vanilla Chai Latte. When I walked in he said, "What's the fragrance you're wearing?" I told him it was just something that I picked up from Bath and Body Works and he said, "It smells like a peach. I'm a sucker for anything that smells like a peach." So, he opened the door for me. I walked out of the coffee shop and called my friend to give her the latest update and she made me go get a pen and paper and write down my number. I did that. But, then I freaked out again and got scared and went back to work. When I told the girls at work that I had chickened out from giving the guy in the coffee shop my number, they prompted me to go back and I did. I walked in and told him, "I forgot to give you something. Read it later."

I am so proud of myself because I really don't like making the first move with guys, but I did it. And, he is definitely not a part of my comfort dating zone. So, I stepped out of the box. Yay for me! Even if he never cool am I?




M.B.EZ said...

I'm so happy right now (wiping tears of joy)! Now see that wasn't hard at all was it...

Kareem said...

Oh well. Hopefully you'll meet someone when you move to Cheyenne, WY.