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Friday, February 13, 2009

I Say This Because I Love You

I'm sure I am going to get myself in trouble for writing this, but I promised that I would be open and honest with this blog and I would say what is on my mind and write without apprehension. So, here goes...

I am sooo disappointed in my city and some of the people who reside there. I say some because there are more people in Detroit who care about their city. These people contribute to their community and they are some of the most intelligent, cultured and interesting people in the world. However, there is the other side of that and the polar opposites. Those who are pigeon-holed and have no desire to evolve and grow. I am going to call this pigeon-holed and for lack of a better word "ignorant" people, PH's.

I have been home for a little bit as I transition to the next chapter of my life, grad and/or law school on the East Coast, and I have witnessed so many angry, abusive and close-minded folks in this amount of time. This is not to say that there are not angry, abusive and close-minded folks in other parts of the country, but I think the majority of them live and dwell in Detroit. I have seen two young women threaten and disrespect my mother, people literally hanging out of their windows cursing because you don't drive fast enough for them, people laughing at other people because they don't look like whatever it is they want them to look like and I even had one girl tell me "black girls are stupid." By the way, she is black.

Detroit's population is primarily African-American and I thought, or foolishly hoped , that Obama's inauguration would make black people feel better about themselves and each other and maybe it has in some parts of town. But, in the parts I have been in thus far in my time home, it hasn't. One of the poorest cities in the country is still as materialistic and pitiful as ever.

I hate speaking out about my city because it already has enough problems and enough people who stereotype it and think bad things about it. But, the city and it's people are not doing anything to change those things. We have city council members name-calling during what are supposed to be professional meetings, city corruption and let's not even mention you can't drive one mile without hitting a pot hole.

Please don't get me wrong there are some great parts of town like Baker's Keyboard Lounge. I absolutely love that place and some other cultural and historical places. But, there is still such a lack of exposure to these type of places and that means that a lot of the people here lack culture and open-mindedness. They don't want to study the religions of the world, but they want to wear the latest pair of True Religion jeans, they don't want to study Louis XIV, but they want to rock the latest Louis Vuitton bag before they even pay their rent. They'll carry their five hundred dollar bags with five dollars in it.

The priorities here really suck! I really hope the city does better and lives up to its potential. Because after a while potential is cool and all, but action and reality are something completely different.

Please let me know your thoughts. I am open-minded :)



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M.B.EZ said...

You see the problems, but have you stop to think about what cause them? Did you know it's about 81 strip clubs in the State of Michigan, and 31 of them are in Detroit. It's a documentary about Detroit call "Murder City", I recommend it to anyone who hasn't seen it yet. The mentality of "fast money" has plagued are city for years!!! We put value on valueless things, and once upon a time I was guilty of this as well. Don't get me wrong because I still like nice things, but now their mere rewards of the "real" work I have put in. The biggest problem I notice with the city is, it's way to many kids raising kids. But another thing I have notice is "our" generation is much different then those of the past. We are more in to the family structure simular to the times of our grandparents. Hopefully strong morals are being instill in to these children. A strong house whole is like a recipe for great leaders, and I believe that is what we need to save our city and our youth. I could go on all day, but unfortunatelly I have ran out of time. Me & my daughter have a date with Elmo, and I hate being late!