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Thursday, March 26, 2009

New Manuscript/Chapter 4

Here's Chapter 4 of my latest, and still untitled, manuscript. If you haven't read the first three chapters, please search the archives via the tab on the right of my blog to catch up. And, let me know what you think. Here it is...

The next day Lauren and David took an early flight to Jamaica for their two week honeymoon.

Lauren was really looking forward to the beautiful weather and the ocean. She was a fish. She loved swimming and splashing around. When she was younger her parents owned a condo right off of South Beach and they would visit every spring for Lauren’s birthday. It would be the highlight every year for her because she got to go to the beach. As an adult, she didn’t get to visit the beach as much as she would like, but occasionally she would go visit old family friends in Miami. Her parents had sold their home in Florida, but they kept in touch with all their old neighbors and friends.

Lauren felt sexy when she was at the beach. She loved the golden undertone the sun gave her and she loved lying around in a bikini and feeling the sand between her fingers and toes. It was the most relaxing feeling in the world and healing for her body and mind. It was nice to get back to her love of sun and sand and to be able to do that with her man was an added bonus. There was no doubt in her mind that she would feel sexy on the beaches of Jamaica. She was a wife and it was something about the contentment in that and it made her feel free to be herself. He knew everything about her and she knew everything about him. There was no pretending. And, to be one’s self is the sexiest anybody can be.

The couple was taking an all inclusive honeymoon.

When they arrived at the resort, they were greeted by the resort staff with flowers for the lady and smiles that stretched a mile long. It was the friendliest group of people Lauren had ever met.

They checked in and when they finally made it to the honeymoon suite, Lauren became ecstatic. The two of them had been on plenty of vacations together in the past, but now they were a married couple and it was like the first time.

The king size bed was covered with red rose petals laid out in the shape of a heart and there were vanilla scented candles everywhere.

“I want to relax a little bit before we go to dinner.” Lauren told her husband.

“Sounds good.” David replied.

The couple made their way to the large bathroom and the Jacuzzi tub that was also filled with red roses. They relaxed and hung out in the tub for an hour or so and got dressed and went to dinner.

They went to one of the many restaurants on-site and when they entered, there were bongo players on stage singing romantic tropical-themed love songs. The restaurant was filled with sweet smelling flowers. The waiter showed them to their table.

They enjoyed filet mignon, potatoes and vegetables for dinner. For dessert they enjoyed a smooth chocolate cake. It was the only kind of cake Lauren ate. If it wasn’t chocolate cake, it wasn’t real cake, in her opinion. And, don’t dare have it with ice cream or milk. Enjoy the richness from beginning to end with no interruptions.

“This is amazing! I am having fun already!” Lauren said.

“That’s good. I am too, honey. As long as I am with you, I am having the time of my life.” David said.

After filling their bellies, Lauren and David decided to go to a club and spend the rest of the night dancing off some of the food and cake they had enjoyed. They went to a club called The Rasta.

The club was packed with some locals and people from the resort. A live band was on stage playing drums and singing some of the catchiest tunes Lauren had ever heard before. The music took over their bodies and before they realized it they had made their way to the dance floor and they were dancing on each other like two dogs in heat. The entire club was hot and sweaty and so were the new Mr. and Mrs. Christiansen.

David looked at his gorgeous wife and said, “If you don’t stop dancing on me like this, the entire honeymoon is going to be spent in our suite.”

Lauren laughed and continued grinding on her husband. He looked sexy as well. Beads of sweat dripped from his forehead, goatee and chiseled features. He was always sexy to her, but there was something about being married to him that made him absolutely irresistible. Needless to say, after about twenty minutes of going at it on the dance floor, the couple returned to their honeymoon suite for the night. David had given Lauren a warning about what might happen and she happily did not heed it.

The next day the couple woke up to the knock of room service. David had ordered breakfast in bed for the two of them. Lauren wiped the sleep from her eyes. “Honey, breakfast in bed? What a good idea!”

“Yep. I thought you would like it.” David placed a tray on Lauren’s lap and then sat down on the bed and placed his tray in his lap.

“Yummy! Pancakes and fruit with fluffy eggs and sausage! See, that’s why I married you, you know how to make me happy. Just feed me!” Lauren said as she laughed.

“I love my greedy baby!” David laughed and kissed Lauren softly on her lips.

They had a busy day planned. Lauren and David had been on plenty of vacations together and they both knew each other’s tastes in activities. They were pretty much the same. They loved adventure and exploration. So, they planned to snorkel, swim and do some exploring around town. David’s family housed a foreign exchange student from Jamaica in college and he gave him a call and let him know that they would be honeymooning there. It’s always good to have a tourist guide. Actually, David and his family probably knew someone in almost every vacation hotspot in the world. They hadn’t spent a summer in the states since David was two years old.

“I called Rico and let him know that we are in town. He’s going to join us after snorkeling and take us to a really cool spot where we can jump off a couple of natural waterfalls. I think it will be fun.” David told Lauren.

“Yeah. That sounds fun. I can’t wait!”

Lauren and David finished their breakfast and got into the shower. Together, of course, it was their honeymoon afterall. That’s a honeymoon requirement. The shower is one of the most important honeymoon destinations.

After the shower they both slipped into their bathing suits and took a cab to their snorkeling destination. There were five other couples there. It was an amazing experience for the both of them. Seeing all the beautiful coral reef , fish and sand was stunning. The water was the perfect temperature and the sun was out and beaming.

Once they were finished snorkeling, Rico met them along with his girlfriend, Courtney. The four of them drove to a remote spot. They parked and walked to the top of a gorgeous waterfall. Luckily, Lauren always comes fully equipped with her waterproof digital camera. She excitedly kept taking photo after photo after photo until finally David loosened her wrap and said, “Come on sweetie. Let’s jump in. Are you ready?” And he picked her up.

“Wait! Wait!” Lauren screamed. Let me prepare myself before I jump in. Rico and Courtney had stripped down to their bathing suits and they were all set to jump in. “On the count of three!” Lauren yelled. “One, two, three.”

Everyone jumped in simultaneously and screamed with joy. Once they all hit the bottom of the waterfall everyone felt exhilarated and free. “That was so much fun!” Lauren screamed and pulled her wet hair out of her face.

The couples swam around, laughed, joked and eventually found themselves laying out on a huge rock beside the waterfall.

“I’ll be right back.” Courtney said and she ran back to the car.

“Where’s she going?” Lauren asked Rico.

“She went to go get some treats.” Rico said in a thick Jamaican accent.

When Courtney returned she had a bag of marijuana in her hand. “Now, let’s relax and chill out a little bit.” She said.

“Is that what I think it is?” Lauren asked.

“Yes. It is honey. Relax. We’re on our honeymoon.” David answered.

Courtney rolled four joints and passed them around.

Lauren was disturbed at first by the whole thing. She had never touched a drug her entire life and she couldn’t believe that David was so cool with smoking weed. She had never known him to smoke before and she was wondering why he picked their honeymoon to start.

David could see that Lauren had tensed up and wasn’t liking the idea of smoking a joint. He knew his wife. So, he said, “Baby, it’s our honeymoon. This is something we’ll never get back.”

“But, we always go on vacations baby.” Lauren said.

“I know this baby. And there are going to be a thousand more. But, we only get one honeymoon. You know what I mean? We’re newlyweds. We need to step outside of ourselves and our normal lives and just enjoy this moment. It’s no different than having a couple of really great glasses of red wine.” David told her.
It made sense to Lauren and she trusted David’s judgment. He was right. It was their honeymoon and they needed to enjoy the moment and not hinder themselves to the rules of everyday. “Pass the lighter please.” Lauren said. She lit her joint and laid back and enjoyed the buzz. Courtney had grabbed a small radio from the car also. So, the four of them enjoyed reggae music, weed, water, the weather and the company for a few hours.

The next day David rented a speed boat and he and Lauren spent some time on the ocean. Lauren looked gorgeous in her gold bikini, gold stilettos and cream and gold Christian Dior sunglasses. Her naturally curly hair was long and flowing.

David looked buffed and handsome in his red swimming trunks. He wore black D&G glasses with a silver Rolex on his left wrist.

David eventually stopped the boat in a quiet part of the ocean to enjoy his time alone with his new wife.

He popped a bottle of Chianti and poured the both of them a glass.

“I love the ocean. It’s so relaxing.” Lauren said.

“It is. I feel like the ocean helped raise me my parents sailed so much.” David said.

“I can’t wait until we have kids and we can expose them to all of the things we’ve done like sailing and traveling. I want them to be really worldly and cultured kids.” Lauren said.

“Yes.” David said. He really didn’t have much to add.

They enjoyed the ocean a little while longer and enjoyed a couple more glasses of Chianti and some fruit.

Lauren and David spent the rest of their honeymoon eating, clubbing, swimming and enjoying each other’s love and company.

They returned to D.C. relaxed, happy and ready to get on with the rest of their lives together.

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