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Monday, April 6, 2009

Brokosity....It's Back!

The economy still sucks, so I decided to bring back my lifestyle feature, "Brokosity." It features suggestions from experiences I have had in an attempt to survive this difficult economy. We're all experiencing a bit of brokosity in some form or another and we can all survive it with encouragement, advice and motivation to keep it moving until the sun comes out...and it will. Finding a job is a job and it can be REALLY hard right now. I have been looking for a job in my field since I graduated college and it's only a million times harder with the economic downturn. But, there is hope.

One thing I have learned is that it is important to think outside the box and realize that you may have to work out of your field of choice to make your ends meet for the moment. In my case that has meant working some retail and freelancing when I got the chance. I hate retail! But, it was necessary, so I did it.

Another suggestion is to intern. I have found from lots of research that there are a lot of internships out there in every field. And, there are a lot of paid internships. Some pay better than others, but they are out there. Also, remember you are NEVER too old for an internship. At one point, I got really depressed and thought to myself that I had been there and done the whole internship thing when I was in college. But, once I changed my perspective I realized that an internship is an excellent opportunity to advance my skills, keep learning and work in my field while I wait for a full-time job in my career of choice to come along. It's truly a blessing.

One last thing, I have been laid off twice. The first time I worked for an automotive supplier and it was right after September 11th and the economy had taken a turn for the worse and the company wasn't bringing in as much revenue as before. So, they froze our raises and required rotational lay-offs which meant that we were required to take a week off every month. The second time I worked for one of GM's benefit centers (this was in 2002-2004) and they weren't meeting their fiscal goals at that time and they wanted to save money on their benefits so they gave our accounts to another insurance company and laid all of us off. What I have learned from these experiences is to never put all of your eggs in one basket. EVER! It's important to, as I stated before, think out of the box and have multiple baskets. Yesterday I was listening to the radio and one of my favorite brokers was on there giving financial advice and she was talking about financial security and she said, "Don't shop on 5th Avenue and have five avenues of revenue." I thought that was fabulous advice. I have two sources right now and I am looking for three others, actually, five because the two are tentative. But, I am going to do that. Let's all do that. This way when another rainy day comes along we will be better prepared and it won't hit us so hard when we lose one of our baskets because we have the others to carry us through. It's a great idea.

Let's keep focused on the future and the great opportunities in store for us all. I honestly believe that things are going to get better really soon and if we can all just hang on we will be experiencing the sunshine once again. Suze Orman says to "Define yourself by who you are and not what you do." Let's all cling to what matters most, family, friends and being good people. The sun is going to come out tomorrow! Let's be ready for it by doing what we have to whether it be working the job we never thought we would work, interning or having our multiple baskets.

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