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Monday, April 6, 2009

Chasing the Dream...Day 13

So, it's day 13 of me committing to my dream of writing and it's still going well in week two. I begin my internship tomorrow and that's really exciting. I'm ready to learn.

I was waiting on a miracle as far as my interview for an internship in NYC (this Wednesday) is concerned. I was waiting on someone to call me and say, "Hey Sam come and stay here in my New York apartment or room for REALLY cheap this summer while you intern because I know you are barely making any money." It didn't happen. So, I am going to contact the editor tonight and thank him for the opportunity to speak with him, but due to issues with accommodations I won't be able to participate. However, please keep me in mind for future opportunities. I would've loved to do it. But, I am sure more blessings in NYC (or DC) will come along.

In other news, there is this one place that I have tried about 5 times to intern with and they will not give me a chance. At all! It's a PR company and they are located in Michigan and in DC. I interviewed once for the internship months ago and I didn't get it. But, I applied three times after that. This last time I applied they told me that they were not bringing on interns for the summer. But, then I found out via my former PR professor that they were indeed looking for summer interns. I asked them about it again and they said, it just so happened that a position became available. Well, I am not going to reapply. After this sixth time, I am moving on and forward. I only want to apply for jobs where there is a commitment to assisting people with attaining their goals, where persistence and a eagerness to learn are appreciated and valued. I tried and now I want to put my energy toward bigger (and better) things.

I will let you know how tomorrow goes! I am so happy and excited.




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