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Monday, April 13, 2009

Chasing the Dream...Day 20

Today was a really busy day at my internship. I had some inventory to do for the promotional bags our sales reps use. I also had to coordinate an event and a press release for this month in addition to some other responsibilities I was given by the director.

I'm learning a lot and I am really putting my all into this job.

It's quite different than the other internships I have had in the past when I was younger. I have a lot more experience now and I know how to handle myself at work. I make sure to do my job, be polite (even to those who don't return my politeness) and stay out of other folks business and away from mess. For instance, I heard two people gossiping about something today and I made sure to keep my distance because I want my entire experience there to be a really positive one. And, so far, so good! It's great! I am having a ball!




Anonymous said...

good to hear you are enjoying yourself. keep doing your best and you will succeed

Anonymous said...

grow up. do you know anything about interships. If you have a intern friend who has some scruples(morals) ask him what a internship really wants. get real


Detroit Girl said...

LOL! KJH, you are hilarious!!!