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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sam and the City: It's My Party

Response to comment posted under "Sam and the City" Cougar: Sam and the City is my perspective, thoughts, opinions and observations about dating and relationships. These are my experiences. Your experiences, thoughts, etc. might be different but that doesn't mean either one of us are right or wrong. Plus, I don't think it matters whether I "grow up" or not, unless you are trying to date me?!!! And, the biggest point of all is that this blog is MY party and I will talk about whatever I want to...Thanks for reading and commenting. I love input whether it makes sense or not.

And, since this is my party. My thing. My blog....Today I want to talk about clean slates.

I have a friend who is really going through a rough time right now because of a difficult relationship that she/he has found themselves in. And, I just want to say to that person, my friend, (I will say more in person) that sometimes new beginnings are a beautiful thing and a blessing. Sometimes, a clean slate can be the most difficult thing we have to do, but it can be the best thing that happens to us. Men/Women lie and people hurt us and that's unfortunate but at the end of the day it's all helping us grow. It's all making us better and sometimes better means being by yourself. But, I do believe better things and a better person is around the corner for you...For me and for anyone who has ever been in the position where they have to begin again.



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