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Monday, April 13, 2009

Viva Las Sam: What it is, What it was and What it hopes to be...Oh, and how to use it

I've heard a couple of comments from people who are a little unsure of who the audience is for this blog and what its focus is. Well, it's a lifestyle blog and as I explain in the sub-title I am tracking and sharing my experiences (internships, freelancing, etc) as I try to become a dynamic writer, public relations professional, journalist, critic, playwright and novelist. In addition, I have a column or feature that I call Sam and the City where I talk about my observations, experiences and perspectives on dating and relationships. Viva Las Sam also includes other featured posts like Brokosity where I share my experiences, encouragement and tips to survive the economy. Then there's the rest of the blog where I just talk about anything else on my mind. If I see a movie and I want to tell you about it, I do. If I see a play and I want to tell you about it, I do. Or, if I just want to discuss some random thought or thing that I feel might be interesting and relatable, I do that too. Sometimes I post samples of my writing from my freelancing or chapters from my new book or piece.

Just for fun, I post some of my favorite videos on my blog at the end of the page.

Now, if you want to navigate through my blog to read some older stuff, please feel free to do so. You want to go to the right margin and double click on a month and find the article or piece you are interested in reading and double click on that. Please feel free to leave a comment. I love feedback and input!

Thanks for checking out my blog and I hope you enjoy it for whatever it's worth!



P.s. I have a new fave blog at It's interesting because the woman who started this blog and I have a couple of things in common. We both love Brad Pitt and she was fired by her boss because of something she posted on her blog. I wasn't fired from my job, but my boss made my life a living heck because of my blog. And, if you have been following my blogging for a while you might remember. My first blog was I Love LuLu at blogger and I once wrote how someone at the place I was working two years ago was a hater and they were doing everything in his/her power to make sure I didn't advance in the company. He/She got pissed and wanted to discuss my blog in my annual review which was crazy because it wasn't even about him/her and I never use names or titles. Long story short, that incident, was only a piece of the messy, unorganized, unprofessional pie and I left for bigger and much better things. Anyway, check out her blog by clicking on the link above and you can read more about her at this link for background...

I hope that my readership grows and grows and that I can share my experience with a wider audience (like my fellow blogger at Please tell your friends and your friends friends about my blog and help me to expand my blogging horizons. Thanks :)

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