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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Chasing the Dream...Day 49

I still love my writing gig. I am accomplishing a lot. Some of my responsibilities/accomplishments include project managing the ordering assembling of promotional materials, creating original advertisements for journals, newsletters, banners and electronic media, coordinating and composing press release announcements to local and statewide media outlets and other public relations related activities. I am really spreading my media wings and learning a lot. That's what it is all about for me. I am building and building so that one day maybe I can do this completely by myself and have my own multi-media business.

In other news, the opera finally opened and we had an amazing opening weekend. The show was well received and I am having an absolute blast doing it!!! It's wonderful! It has definitely revived my love for acting and performing and I am looking forward to doing a lot more of it this year in conjunction with my writing endeavors, of course.

Life is really good right now. I have to admit that this is probably the brokest I have ever been. I am truly epitomizing the "starving artist" thing. But, I am happy. However, I am also realistic and I understand that it is time to bring in some cash so that I can stay afloat. But, I hope to do that through freelancing and in the next 30 days I hope to have a full-time gig to keep me going for a little bit...

I am hoping to go East soon. But, when the time (and money) is right. I want to do that soon because eventually I want to move overseas and focus on my novels completely and the space and adventure of living somewhere like Italy or Spain would definitely bring the inspiration to me.

We have four shows this weekend which should be interesting. I will let you know how that goes. And, if anything happens on the freelance writing front I will let you know. I finally went to the bookstore today and purchased the 2009 Writer's Market Book...finally! I took me long enough!!! (I haven't had one since 2006...That is so pitiful, I know)

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