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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Chasing the Dream...Day 76

I am feeling pretty good today. I feel really motivated and enthusiastic, much better than I felt Thursday.

I just wanted to catch you up on the goings on last week....

I auditioned for "RENT" at my old theater home. And, I didn't get it. I sang great! But, my dancing was average. So, I didn't get it. I kind of knew I didn't because before we even sang I could tell who the choreographers were pulling for and who they would advocate for. But, who knows what happened behind closed doors when they were making their decision. The most important thing is that I had a blast at the audition it was a lot of fun and now it's time to move on to the next audition. And, the great thing is that I have the opportunity to audition for a production at a theater where I have never performed before. That's exciting! So, I am auditioning for an Agatha Christie play at a local theater. And, I REALLY hope I get it so I can perform and because I love Agatha Christie. The 2009-2010 theater season has a lot of opportunities and I am really going to put myself out there and try to do as many productions as I can fit into my schedule. I am excited.

I am also pitching a couple of newspapers today for some freelance entertainment writing opportunities and, hopefully, that takes off for me this year as well.

The only way I am going to make my dreams come true is if I keep my confidence up and keep working as hard as I possibly can. I have to keep striving and striving and not allow myself to get lazy because the minute I do that I will have missed an opportunity.

Have a great rest of your Sunday! The Tony's are tonight. I am ready to be inspired.


Sam "the consummate dreamer"

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