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Monday, July 20, 2009

Chasing the Dream: Day 119

Last week was a mix for me. Tuesday was wonderful because I did my stand-up act and it was a positive experience because it was well-received. It was a new experience and I got to perform something I wrote in front of an audience. How hot is that?

The next day, Wednesday, was hard because I found out that I was no longer a candidate for the Copywriter position I had received a callback about two weeks prior. It's really crazy because I always get phone calls and nothing ever comes of them. This time last year Nederlander in New York (HUGE theater production company) called me saying they were interested in me writing for their website. But, it didn't work out. Then, I got a call from WNYC (NPR station in NYC) about working as a Development Associate (also what I did in Las Vegas). But, it didn't work out. Then, I got a call from NPR in D.C. (where NPR has its headquarters) about working in fundraising/development. But, it didn't work out. And, now the Copywriter thing. IT SUCKS!!! I get all of these fabulous phone calls and they never work out. I can't lie, I have been a little depressed. But, I am going to keep pushing.

I would still like to find a job, of course. Or, have my internship hire me in. But, for the past year finding a permanent and full-time position has been nearly impossible and completely impossible to find a creative/media job. So, I am going to think/dream/aim outside of corporate America and focus on building my own brand. My own corporation. So, let me fill you in on what I have planned for the next six months of the year.

#1 I will be printing, binding and distributing 100 copies of my children's book, The Pillowcase (with illustrations by my favorite artist, Artegia, who happens to be my cousin as well). It should be printed and available to buy by October.

#2 My brother will be helping me create a demo. I will be attempting to sing the National Anthem at a Lion's game this season-We'll see what happens.

#3 My bro and I will also be creating a channel on You Tube (the episodes will also be posted on my blog). We plan on shooting the pilot in the next two to three weeks and have it up asap.

#4 "Everything Is Not Enough" is in the planning stages to be released this year. I hope to produce 1000 copies and sell them independently. I am even planning a small book signing.

#5 I will be writing a 4-page quarterly newsletter (condensed version of my magazine, LuLu). I will be sending it out via email mid-August.

#6 Auditioning. Auditioning. Auditioning. Pitching. Pitching. Pitching. Querying. Querying and more querying.

This is the thing, without a job it is hard for me to finance all of these things. This is where freelancing comes in-I need to really push my freelance writing/PR to finance other projects since the finding the job thing is not working.

Everything is really tough for me and my family now. But, I have a plan (that I just shared with you, partially)!!! I hope and pray that I can use my talents, skills and abilities to make my family's life much more comfortable and easier for us all. Especially, my dad who has been working for over 60 years and doesn't have anything to show for it. I am going to buy my dad a truck, which would be his first new car in almost 30 years, if it is the last thing I do!

I read someone's status on Facebook today. He said, "Life is what you make it." That is a totally true statement. Everything is about attitude. But, for real change you need people behind you who can help you. I have an amazing support system of friends. But, now I need people who can show me the ropes when it comes to the entertainment industry and the big bad world of media/communications. Right now I feel kinda alone because I don't know the people who can change my life like that and give me the opportunities and resources to make all of my dreams come true. I pray that God brings these opportunities, connections and resources into my life so that I can bring better opportunities to my family.

It's a long hard road and my stride has slowed, but I am still walking the path and hoping for the best!





Anonymous said...

Sam, it sounds like a great plan. You know I have some great fund raising ideas. Avon has a great fundraising plan. If just a few of your friends would committ you could raise some of the much needed money for the newsletter and the copying of the childrens books. If you had just 10 friends who would participate then you could have hundreds of dollars in a few weeks. What do you say? I can forward one of my fundraising packages to you if you would like.


Mom said...

Seek first the Kingdom and everything you need will be given to you