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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Chasing the Dream...Day 108

It's been a week since I blogged. I am so sorry to any of you who have been following my misadventures trying to become the next Mitch Albom.

I celebrated my 90 days at my internship this past Tuesday. Still no job offer. But, the copywriting gig I was telling you about still seems to be moving along. They called me on Wednesday to let me know that they haven't forgotten about me and that they would be calling me again within the next few days trying to set things up. They are making a lot of leadership changes right now so the process is taking a little longer for them filling the position I am up for.

I also recently found a part-time blogging gig I want. And, the schedule looks like I would be able to do the copywriter thing and the blogging gig simultaneously which would be wonderful. I hope I get them both!!!

I am really hoping July is the month for me to take this dream chasing to the next level.

Pray for me.



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