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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Chasing the Dream...Day 127

It's Tuesday and I haven't heard anything from my internship yet. But, there are three more days left in the week, so I still have faith my offer is forthcoming.

I am in a really creative place right now. I am really inspired and I have a lot of ideas. So, stay tuned...Here's a poem that came to me about time the other day:


Time heals
What ails
Us-Makes us grow and evolve
Better capable to solve
Problems, issues that come from
Life and it's many downs and ups
We grow up
Hopefully, become more comfortable in our skin
Able to make better decisions
More equipped to deal with stress
And the mess
That comes from being
Beings made from dust, who sin
But beautiful despite our imperfections
of God and his awe inspiring existence
He loves us
Gives us
The power to heal
What ails us
What hurts us
What makes us cry
Capable to deal when someone we love dies
When we fail after a sincere try
Time can be an enemy
But, it is more of a friend
and every day, hour, second and minute
Is worth it


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