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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Chasing the Dream...Day 136

This has been a really productive week for me!

I still haven't been hired in by my internship. One of the HR folks did come to me today and told me about some finger printing thing they do before they hire you in and that is scheduled on the 18th of this month for me. But, until I see an offer, I am continuing with my life without even thinking about them. No point in dwelling on something that hasn't happened yet.

In other news, yesterday I had my standup act. It went relatively well. The reception wasn't as good as my previous performance three weeks ago. But, I still managed laughs...I was fine with that because they put me on right after the professional comedian who has been on Comedy Central and Jimmy Kimmel (He is friggin hilarious!)...I saw him at my previous gig! I am really diggin the comedy scene. It's really thrilling for me because it is my writing, my thoughts, my jokes and it is really hard making an audience laugh. It's helping me let go of a lot of my inhibitions as a performer.

I am still waiting on the editor of that alternative weekly to get back with me. But, I will definitely get in touch with him tomorrow if I don't hear from him by the end of the business day.

My brother and I recorded and completed my version of The National Anthem and I plan to send that out tomorrow as well.

I sent some cards out to some of the editors I know of who I haven't been able to get to bite. I want them to know who I am that way when freelance opportunities come about, they think of me.

I am pushing really hard and trying to be really positive. I want to really get some major things accomplished for myself creatively before this year ends.

I am at the library right now waiting for open mic poetry. I have a brief little poem I wrote (which is posted on this blog...Time)... The goal is to be on stage as much as possible these days so that I can keep getting my face out there and keep attaining experience.

I have 15 mins before they start. So, I am signing off for now...



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