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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Chasing the Dream...Day 139

Yesterday I had an amazing audition for a comedy called Kwame a River 2: The Wrath of Conyers. It's at Andiamo/Novi Theater (formerly Second City Detroit). It went really well. Me and the guy they paired me with had a lot of chemistry and we were really able to bounce of each other's energy. It was great! To top it all off, I sang REALLY well for some reason. It was crazy because I wasn't that warmed up and I have been sick all week with some really severe stomach pain. But, I pulled through and really enjoyed myself. Now, I am just waiting to get feedback. It would be a position as an understudy. I am really excited because I would get to work with all the Second City Detroit crew and I think it would really help me grow as a comedienne.

I have another audition tomorrow for RENT. If you have been keeping up with my blog and dream chasing, you know I auditioned for RENT with my former theater group this past June and didn't get it. Well, I am going to try again and see what happens.

I am working on new jokes today so I can get back to Joey's Comedy Club soon. Also, I am currently writing my newsletter (It is a condensed version of the magazine I attempted to start three years ago, I Love LuLu). It features Health & Beauty, Technology, Arts in Michigan and my column about dating, Sam and the City (and some other fun stuff). If you want an electronic copy or hardcopy email me at and I will get a copy to you. It's free. Make sure to include your name and email address and write I Love LuLu in the subject line. It will done the last week in August.

Enjoy your Sunday!

I will let you guys know how the audition goes tomorrow!

I am going to keep pushing it to the limit until something amazing happens for me!


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