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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Chasing the Dream...Sidebar/Newsletter (Day 148)

I finally finished my newsletter. Yay! So excited! If you want a copy don't forget to shoot me an email at and I will email you a copy. It's an easy read and I hope you enjoy it!

Just to be clear, my blog is about the ups and downs of realizing your dreams. And, this is the reality. If you are trying to make your dreams come true, especially in the arts, it's not going to be easy! You are going to have days when you are down and you want to give up but you don't. This blog is a candid journal of that process. Sometimes, yes, I want to give up. There are days and moments when I want to give up and I write about it. Then, there are days when I am motivated and feel on top of my game and I write about it. There are times when my phone is ringing and I write about it. The next day the phone might not ring at all and I feel bad, I write about it. I am a real person going through a real process- I write about it all. I am brave enough to share my journey with the world because eventually I will be able to look back at these early entries and appreciate the effort and time it took to make my dreams come true.

I haven't given up which is why I have been seriously pursuing a career in theater the past 7 years and writing for 16 years. No, I haven't been published by a major literary company yet and no I haven't even made it Off Broadway. But, I keep pushing! There is more rejection to come and when it does I will probably feel like throwing in the towel (and I will probably even write about it). But, guess what? I won't.



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