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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Chasing the Dream...Day 176

The illustrations to my children's book, The Pillowcase, are complete and they are magnificent! The artist who drew them did a heck of a job! I am so excited! I can't use enough exclamation marks! They are exactly what I hoped and imagined they would be. It is baffling how it seems as if she reached into my brain and took the characters out and placed them on sheets of paper. Although, we are related so our connection is logical. She is one of the most talented artists I know and it was an honor to collaborate with her.

In other Sam Chasing the Dream news:
  • I am working my behind off at work trying to get as many references (via attending conferences, etc) as I can for my job hunting in D.C.
  • I have new jokes but haven't performed them yet-it's a matter of doing them for a couple of friends to get my rhythm.
  • I am learning to chill out which is helping me focus creatively. I'm blocking all negative energy and disconnecting myself from other people's issues. That doesn't mean that I am not here and available for the people I love. It just means that I am really focused on my career so that eventually I can help the folks I care about because most of their problems are financial.
  • Lastly, I am writing, writing, writing and writing. Poetry and comedy are the focus right now because my schedule doesn't permit rehearsal for a play. I am working two jobs right now in an effort to save for D.C. So, I have to work my creative ventures around those.

That's all I have tonight... Lately, I have been reading lots of inspirational quotes so feel free to leave one of your favorite positive and uplifting quotes in the comment section of this blog.



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inthistogether said...

Favorite Quote from my mom Sam was:
If you want to be loved, be lovable.

You're doing it well - keep it up :-)