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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Chasing the Dream...Day 181

For the last week I have been working two jobs. It is going to be rough!!! But, I am going to make it. It's hard because I have so much going on with my creative ventures. However, I am a go-getter and more determined than ever so I will make it work.

This past week was really busy with the two jobs but I also volunteered with a women's group and helped set-up a luncheon for Detroit's Mayor, Dave Bing, at the Detroit Yacht Club on Tuesday. And, on Thursday I attended an after work networking event at Centaur in downtown Detroit for the Public Relations Society of America. I had the opportunity to network at both and try to get my name out there amongst people who are in the community and who may be able to support my future endeavors in my field, Communications.

I have completed my jokes and now I am just working on my rhythm so that I can perform them in the next two weeks at Joey's Comedy Club in Livonia, MI. I will keep you updated on the date. Also, I am working on the next issue of my newsletter, I Love LuLu.

I was really happy that I attended the PRSA event because it was confirmation that I should definitely pursue my Ph. D and eventually teach (professor). Two younger PRSA members who are also Wayne State students (I am alumni) were there hanging on my every word as I gave them advice on how to grow their portfolios, improve their writing and get internships. It felt amazing helping people with similar aspirations as myself figure some things out. I have never really had any doors opened for me. Anything that I have done in my field of Journalism or Communications I did it all by myself. So, I feel it's my obligation to share anything I learn from my experiences to help others. I want to help young people get where they want to go out of life. I want to open doors for them because people have not done so for me thus far (Hopefully, someone will eventually open a door for me). It made my heart happy to give them some practical advice so that maybe they can get where they are going in their careers a little faster or more proficiently because of it, I hope so.

Anyway, I have an EXTREMELY busy week this week. But, like I said, I will make it work.

Cheers to all the other go-getters in this world and on the same journey of making their dreams come true in whatever field that may be. And, let's hope some doors open for us all soon!

P.s. I am not sure if I told you already, but the illustrations for The Pillowcase are complete. I will keep you updated on when you can buy it. It is amazing!!!!


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