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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Chasing the Dream...Day 188

I am going into my third week of working two jobs and I have to say it is not easy! But, it is worth it! I like being busy and I like the idea of working toward something.

This past Friday I performed the jokes from my new monologue for my friend and he gave me the thumbs up to go ahead and perform them. There was one joke that I couldn't exactly figure out how to deliver. So, that one will be taken out of my act until or if I can find a place for it. This next week I will be rehearsing it and figuring out a time in between my two jobs that I can perform it. I am really excited about getting back on stage and performing. It has been about a month since I have done so. Too long!

I am also in the process of planning my next newsletter and writing a five minute bit for an open mic Detroit Public Radio, WDET, is hosting November 5th.

My best friend and I are looking for apartments in the DC/MD area and trying to make plans for our move early next year.

Everything is good right now and I am hoping it only gets better!




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inthistogether said...

Last tweet I saw you were wondering - to pixie or not to pixie?? Every day - u decide wat u wanna do 'n GO 4 IT!!