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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Chasing the Dream...Day 220

I have been blogging a little bit about what you can expect from the next issue of my quarterly newsletter, I Love LuLu. Therefore, I wanted to provide you guys with some insight as to what you can expect in the upcoming issue. I received a considerable amount of feedback from the last issue and I plan on implementing some of those suggestions to make the newsletter better. It's definitely a work in progress and with my readership's help I hope to make it a really cool and competitive e-newsletter. We'll get there.

Here are some features you can expect in the next issue:
  • A couple of readers asked me to bring Sam and the City back. Well, it's back for the next edition of I Love LuLu. I discuss the importance of food as it relates to dating for me. It's a funny, quirky piece (hopefully not too obnoxious) about the role food plays in my relationship and the meaning behind it.
  • I am going to include a yummy recipe you can use during this holiday season.
  • Christmas Shopping on a Budget-The economy is slowly getting better but most of our wallets are still suffering. How can you keep some dollars in your wallet and still have gifts to place under your tree? Find out in the next issue of I Love LuLu.
  • Technology- I'll feature some really cool new games like DJ Hero.
  • My editorial piece will be about breaking down barriers. We hear news in the media everyday about wars and injustices in this country and the world due to intolerance and lack of or miseducation. This article will feature personal perspectives, scientific facts, statistics and brief interviews to broaden your perspective and showcase that once you get past what seems to be different about all of us, we are all the same.
  • There will also be a bonus piece featured.

I hope to make the new issue interesting, educational and attractive all at the same time.

Stay tuned! It will be in your inboxes by December 1, 2009.



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