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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Chasing the Dream...Day 281: WELCOME 2010!

This past year has been a rough one-not just for me but for everyone. The recession climaxed this year and we all felt it in some shape or form. Life is always happening despite the year so some of us may have even experienced other difficulties like sickness or death.

We also completed a decade this year and what a decade it has been with 9/11, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, The Tsunami and Hurricane Katrina just to name a few of the most memorable events. The world has changed dramatically the last ten years. The digital age has brought us Ipods, Facebook and the ability to instantly upload photos to out PCs-no more trips to CVS' photo department. One of the most wonderful things about the decade, in my opinion, was witnessing the first African-American president be sworn into office. Amazing.

In the midst of all the world events this past decade and year we all have our personal stories and events that happened in our own lives. Since the heartbeat of my blog is about my dream chasing I'd like to share some of my story and how I have come full-circle this past decade and in 2009...

I've always known that I wanted to be a performer. My mother says I've been humming music since I was six months old. A testament to the fact that I've always lived and walked to my own beat. I've always felt like God touched me and gave me all of these ideas and an imagination that is constantly creating and conjuring up everything from stories to songs to characters-everything. My earliest memories include writing songs with my niece and forcing my aunt to watch me dance and sing original routines and music I created.

Growing up I didn't really have the support system I needed for my creative endeavors. But, I would always find time to write or perform even if it was just in my little room. But, by the time I was 21 I decided to take control of my own destiny instead of trying to live up to whatever anyone else wanted for my life and once I did that things began falling into place. I've been able to earn a degree in a creative field, do some theater, complete almost four books and have some other life experiences I otherwise would not have had.

The decade has happened in divine order and brought me to where I am at this moment in my life. I've always been an artist. But, an artist has to eat and so I've worked full-time office jobs (with some retail) to eat. To have a car. Those type of things. I've always looked up to Mitch Albom. He's a writer and performer as am I and I hoped by working one of these jobs I would meet the right person because it's not exactly what you know but who you know in a lot of instances. So, the past two jobs I've worked at a radio station and worked an entry-level public relations job in an effort to get my foot in the door. The result: One supervisor blatantly wrote in my 90-day evaluation that working for her was "not a step into a career in Communications (I was working at radio station at that time)." And, most recently, the woman I worked for was so biased and insecure in her own job that she fired me instead of doing the right thing.

These two examples and other working experiences I've had have led me to believe with all of my heart that I do not belong behind someone's desk at someone else's company pushing papers and punching a clock. I've done that for ten years and where has it gotten me? On unemployment making less than my car not every two weeks. This part of my life has been stagnant-backwards even. The great news and the positive part of this story is that I have grown immensely as a person, woman and an artist. Prior to this year, the last time I was on stage was at a showcase for Detroit Repertory Theater in April 2007. When I returned home to Detroit recently I decided to audition for a role as a supernumerary (extra) in "Carmen" at the Detroit Opera House in April of this year. When I arrived there the production staff said that they usually never have enough people show up and audition and that was one of their biggest casting calls. There were 30 other women there. But, the director picked me out of all of them to play "the mayor's beautiful wife." Talk about a blessing. Talk about a ego boost! Although small, I was able to play a role on this HUGE professional stage-AN OPERA! That sparked my need to be on stage and filled a creative void. I felt inspired and started working on a one-woman show. All these ideas came bursting out of me and onto my laptop. Before I knew it I had written some dialogue that included a lot of funny bits and jokes. I decided that I needed to test some of the material in front of a live audience so I performed five minutes of jokes at Joey's Comedy Club in Livonia, MI-and they were funny! People laughed. Not only was I performing but I was making people laugh. It is the best feeling in the world! I found my niche.

I hope to publish at least one of my books in 2010. I hope to perform all the time and as much as possible. I hope to get out of Michigan and pursue my comedy, acting and writing out East.

Thing is, I belong on stage and while my last few jobs may not have "been a step into a career in Communications" everything has been a step in the right direction these last ten years-a step from behind that desk onto the stage and God-willing I can be up there all of 2010 and for the rest of my decades.

Happy New Year!



P.s. Please feel free to leave a comment about your 2009 and your experiences this decade and your resolutions for the new year. I'd love to hear your story!


Anonymous said...

Inspite of financial and health problems 2009 has been a really good year for me. I feel that I have grown as a person. I am no longer down on my self and I stand up for myself as well. I've suffered from major depression for years but I was in self denial about it so I didn't get any help. I through away the pride and secrets and now I see a therapist as well as take medication. This has help me to change

Instead of just looking for happiness, I've made happiness a choice and I am working vigilently to add to that happiness of mine.

Detroit Girl said...

Thank you anonymous for the comment. I am so happy you have found your light and I wish you nothing but blessings in 2010!