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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Chasing the Dream...Day 337

Hi All! Let's catch up shall we...

I had an audition for a play about a week and a half ago. I felt really good about my performance and hoped to get a part, big or small, in the play. Unfortunately, I did not make the callback list. But, that's the nature of this business and I felt good about what I did during my audition and I guess I just wasn't what the director is looking for.

I had another audition last night for a part that would last about a month and a half this spring. I feel pretty good about the monologue I did (although they cut me off-I guess I ran too long). However, I felt like my singing wasn't as strong as I have the potential to be. They screwed up my swagger by initially playing in the wrong key. The pianist started playing in a soprano although I clearly stated that I was an alto on the sheet I filled out an hour prior for the panel to read!!!!!!!!!! Also, my appointment was at 5:45 pm and I didn't get to go on until 7pm. I am feeling really stressed because I really need this job! I need the experience and the cash. I won't know if I got the part until March 5th. That seems so far from now! I really want to work a job doing something I love for the first time in my life and the thought of not getting this gig makes me cry. My skin is pretty tough. I hear "no" all the time. But, I am desperate for this gig and hope I am blessed with the opportunity.

Pray for me!

Have a great day you guys and I will let you know if or when I hear something.


P.s. I never heard from the internship I told you about in an earlier post which I consider unprofessional. But, I prayed that if it was going to be another crappy office job I didn't want it and apparently that must've been what it is because I never heard back. Oh well.

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