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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Chasing the Dream...Day 371

Wow! I can't believe it's been over a year since I was inspired to diligently and persistently chase my dreams. What a year it has been! I started a internship a year ago that turned into an opportunity for someone to use me as a punching bag by paying me $7.40 for 7 months (despite my B.A. ) promising me they would hire me in and then once they did decided that since the company turned the position into a full-time gig they didn't want me. Instead they wanted someone else so instead of letting me walk away with both parties parting graciously, they kept me on and treated me like dirt via harrassment and ultimately fired me before I could complete 90 days as an official full-time worker! Wow again!

All of that sounds terrible I know! BUT PLEASE DON'T FEEL SORRY FOR ME! All experience is learning and it has taught me A. There are a lot of unprofessionals out there in the working world B. Never think anyone has your back C. Work can be just like high school D. Nepotism, harassment and inequality still exist. I won't get into the bitter details. However, with that said. I had already been really inspired after doing "Carmen" (supernumerary) at the Detroit Opera House but after being fired from the above mentioned place I decided to use the opportunity (the past 4 months) to really nurture my love and need for performing. One of the blessings that came along with this was the opportunity to work as a comedienne with some of the funniest comedians in Michigan, Darius Bennett, Ricarolo Flanagan, Merv Da Purv, Jacob Zamonski, Steve Pierce, Ed Buehner, KJ Robinson, Darnell Anderson (and Jay King) and the veteran comedian and Detroit native, Mike Bonner. It's been amazing performing with them and getting to know them. They are amazing performers, writers and comedians and they inspire me to be better. I feel really blessed! I've also been auditioning quite a bit. Of course, I haven't been cast in everything I've auditioned for. But, the experience and going out to different venues so people get to know who I am and I get a feel for these venues, I believe, will eventually pay off.

I will be in the ensemble for HAIR opening May 7, 2010 at the Birmingham Village Players in Birmingham, MI. That's really exciting for me! It's community theater and I feel like it's an opportunity for me to get my self back into the world of theater because it's been a while since I sang or acted publicly (I only pranced on stage in Carmen-no dialogue). I've been so focused on getting my education and writing my manuscripts the acting/performing fell by the wayside. But, I AM BACK AND I AIN'T GOING NOWHERE!

My most recent audition was yesterday for a professional theater company and I think I did really well. So, now I just wait and see what happens!

It's weird because I am just a regular girl struggling to pay the bills and trying to make it in show business. I haven't done anything extraordinary-yet. But people are starting to act weird towards me already. I hate that! And, it's people I thought were my friends. One friend in particular started calling me more than he ever has before, started showing up for all my shows (don't get me wrong I LOVE having support out there) but this person memorized a couple of jokes from a couple of other comedians and flipped them ever so slightly and decided last Sunday that all of a sudden he is a comedian too and told two jokes too close for comfort to two comedians I know! That almost made me lose it! I was pissed to say the least! Also, I am recently a vegan. This person also shared that he is a vegan now as well. He is scaring me so I decided to lose contact for a while. Maybe, one day we can talk again but he needs to chill out. I really want my dreams to come true and if they do I just hope everybody doesn't treat me weird. Everything I do is not cool! Please be yourself and not try to be like me. My life is an experiment. Imitation is flattery. But, it has its boundaries.

Anyway, everything is great right now! I am happy and excited to see where the rest of this year takes me!

Please come see HAIR! And don't forget to keep your ears and eyes open for all of the comedians I mentioned above. They are future comedic stars! Mark my words! No Apologies Comedy Crew has a show coming up on 4/20. We aren't sure about the venue yet, but will definitely keep you posted on this blog!

Have a great week and for anyone who takes time out of their day to read vivalassam, THANK YOU FOR SHARING MY JOURNEY! It's not easy but we'll get there.


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