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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Chasing the Dream...Day 379

I think that the effort to pursue and make dreams come true is a communal effort!

I don't think it's only important for me to have my dreams come true. I also want to help others realize their dreams. So, I plan to also make my blog a resource for folks who are looking for auditions or need assistance making their ends meet until their dreams are fully realized. Below you will find some information on some local events that you may find interesting, helpful and maybe even a little fun too!

*TOSCA is coming to the Detroit Opera House and you can be a part of the production even if you are not an opera singer. I had the privilege to be a supernumerary in last season's production of "Carmen." It was amazing. If you have the time and can do so, please audition! The audition is Saturday, May 1st at 6pm on the 3rd Floor of the opera house . As a super you could be featured as a nun, mother, townspeople, guard, henchmen, cardinal, bishop, etc. For more information contact Elizabeth Anderson at 313.237.3405 or

*For all of you artists out there who love what you do but need a "day job" in the meantime, there is a Job Fair, Tuesday April 13th from 9am to 1:30 pm at Burton Manor (27777 Schoolcraft Road) in Livonia, MI. There will be a ton of companies there so get your resumes in order and I will see you there!

*For all of my fellow vegetarians/vegans (I've been a vegan the last 30 days and I feel amazing! And, I've lost 7lbs-but that's a blog for another day ), there is a Veg Fest Sunday, April 18th from 11am to 5pm at Ferndale High School, 881 Pinecrest in Ferndale MI. The author of "
Skinny Bitch" Rory Freedman will be there and ex-Piston and retired baller John Salley (show love to one of Detroit's old "Bad Boys" of basketball). For more info visit or call 877.778.3464.

*For all my fellow writers out there, there is a writer's workshop at the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History on Saturday, April 17th from 11am to 2pm. Visit this link for more information...

*I also love to show support to local theater productions around town and I hope you do too! If so, check out the University of Detroit Mercy's production, "Trying" by Joanna McClelland Glass from April 9 to the 25th. The performances are held at the Marygrove Theater on the campus of Marygrove College. For more information visit or call 313.993.3270.

P.s. I hope to keep posting events, auditions and helpful information as I get it and if you guys find out anything that might be helpful to artists, well everyone, in the Detroit area and beyond. Please, post a comment!!!

Thanks for reading ;)