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Monday, June 28, 2010

Chasing the Dream...Day 459

Hi All!

For any new readers to this blog you might be wondering why I note the days on my blog entries. "Day 459" for example. Well, that means 459 days ago I made a real commitment to pursue my dreams as an artist. My dreams had always been pursued in my "spare time" or when I wasn't working as a full-time something at this or that place and when I had time between classes or whatever the excuse may have been. Actually, November 30th I lost my job and it turned out to be the biggest blessing because it has given me the time and creative energy to do all of the shows I have done, attend all the auditions I have attended and get some writing done instead of pushing papers and punching a clock.

Speaking of auditions...

Today I attended the audition for August Wilson's The Piano Lesson. I don't know how to feel about the audition but I hope I get it. If not, it's okay. I really did my best for the little time I was given to prepare and I LOVE August Wilson so God willing the part will be mine and if it isn't I will move on to the next audition with my fingers crossed. I hate auditions! They make me nervous. I am trying to get a grip on them, however. I try to look at them as a means to being seen and getting my name out there whether I get a role or not the first time around. It's all about being positive.

Speaking of writing...

Here's a couple of links to throwback articles of mine. I am currently pitching a couple of stories here and there so I hope to have some new clips for you in the next few months to post to this blog.

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Love you for reading!




alma. said...

GO SAM!!! I hope you get it. I love watching you perform. You're so talented. The End.

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