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Friday, October 1, 2010

Chasing the Dream...Day 552

What an amazing week! Monday I performed at Zanie's in Chicago. I had an awesome amount of support in the audience with friends who traveled from Detroit to support me and my friends who actually live there. Fabulous! It was a really cool experience and I hope to go back soon. I always feel like I grow as an artist when I perform away from home out of my comfort zone. I have been to Chicago every month since May and that was my third time performing there. But, my first time performing there in an actual comedy club. Progress.

Yesterday I performed at Dr. Grin's in Grand Rapids and I absolutely love that room! A fantabulous place to tell jokes!

Also, I am doing a ton of freelancing and expanding my portfolio as a journalist and that's always wonderful!

Creatively life is bliss!

Anyway, I write this blog to encourage other artists who have dreams and to give people a realistic outlook on what the process of making your dreams come true really is. It ain't easy! Just because things are great creatively doesn't mean that they are the same monetarily. I am always pinching and counting pennies trying to make it from week to week. But, I know that performing and writing is what I am meant to do because even though I am not making a lot of money, and in some situations not being paid at all, I am still excited every time I get a new writing assignment and every time I am booked for a show. Also, I believe that if you are doing what you love and working your booty off eventually things will pay off for you financially. It is possible to have your cake and eat it too. I don't care what anyone says.

People always ask me how do I find out about auditions, how do I get freelance jobs, etc. It's simple I think out of the box and I am really resourceful. I am always asking questions, following up and researching. You have to! Things don't just fall into your lap (sometimes, but not usually) so you have to find them, grab them and make them happen for yourself. I do that.

I thank all of my friends who have been there for me over the years. I love you all. Particularly this year. This has been a crazy year. I haven't had any full-time work but because of all my support out there I have been able to make it to dozens of shows in and out of state, pay my bills and, most of all, have the emotional support to keep going.

Thanks for reading guys! What would I do without you?!


Sam xo

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