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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Chasing the Dream...Day 581

Hi Everybody!

Last night I auditioned for a part in a Vaudeville/Burlesque show that opens in April 2011 and I got a part! I got the call this morning! Yay! I am very excited about it.

There's going to be humor, dancing and singing...Dancing! LAWD! I am a singer and a comedian so the humor and singing sound great and I am really comfortable with those. I am so afraid of the dancing. But, I have a few months so I will be taking yoga and dance classes to prepare for the role. I want to catch on to the steps as easily as possible and become as flexible as possible for my role as Sally. Stay tuned to this blog to see how the process of me becoming a dancer is going.

As far as my writing endeavors go, I am working on a magazine article for January and I am still writing for a couple of media outlets about once a week or so. I'm enjoying it and I am growing as writer which is really nice. I love growth! The goal is to become better and better at what I do and that is what is happening. Feel free to go through this blog and read some of the links I have posted in previous blog posts.

Friendly reminder about my upcoming shows:

I will be performing with a bunch of talented comedians in an all female comic show at Laff Tracks inside Breaktime Billiards at 30850 Beck Road, Novi, MI. The show starts at 8pm on Thursday, November 11th.

I will be the emcee at
on December 10th and 11th. Come check me out. The show starts at 8pm and you can keep checking this blog as the date gets closer for details.

Thanks for reading guys!


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