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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Chasing the Dream...Day 750

Hi guys!

How's everybody doing this Wednesday morning? I hope all is well and everyone is feeling healthy and happy!

I am getting so amped and excited about going to New Orleans to help out with Habitat for Humanity. I can't even tell you guys. Hopefully, everything works out so that I can leave soon! The prospect of giving back in that way is making my heart really happy these days!

In other news, I have had a lot of people ask me to start my blog column "Sam and the City" where I talked about dating and its difficulties. Well, I started a new blog at where I plan to share my opinions,perspectives and experiences on dating and I hope you will share yours. The idea is for the dating blog to be very interactive. So, I hope you will follow it and leave tons of comments! LOL

Here are a couple of my most recent pieces for Oakland Press. Don't forget you can always read my articles from all the publications I have written for by clicking on the links in the right Margin under "Links to Sam White's Articles."

I am going to try to do an open mic soon to try out some of my new jokes and I will keep you posted on that, of course.

P.s. I am working on the finishing touches for my play "Growing up White: Great White Mile Dreams and a 7 Mile Reality" to be entered into a play fest at the end of the month. I really hope it is accepted. I will keep you posted on that as well!

Have a great week and Happy early St. Patty's Day! Everyone be safe tomorrow!



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