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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Chasing the Dream...Day 792 (My Birthday, My latest clip, Upcoming Gig in Indiana)

Today is my birthday! I am finally feeling better after a bout with food poisoning! Yikes! I am going to see Mitch Albom's "Ernie" tonight at The City Theatre downtown and I hope to post a review for that show asap. So, make sure to stay tuned and look out for that. Going to see a Mitch Albom play is probably the best way I can spend my birthday because he is the ideal of what I want to be in a couple years-journalist, novelist, playwright and he is an entertainer (he was or is in a band). He and Oprah personify everything I dream to become!

I feel very proud of myself. I feel as though I haven't wasted a moment of my life. I was determined to go to college and get a degree, I did that. I want to perform and I've done that by being in multiple theatrical productions and now performing as a stand-up. I even got to host one of my favorite comedian's, John Heffron, shows last year. I wanted to be a journalist. I am one! And, I get to write about theater which makes it even more wonderful having been on the theater beat in college and being a theater geek! I've written a book (hopefully to be published soon), I worked on a movie set, I've lived away from home-Las Vegas (which was a catalyst for a lot of personal and creative growth), I've been on an opera stage before ("Carmen" at the Detroit Opera House as 'The Alcalde's Wife'), I've done some traveling (hopefully with more overseas adventures coming in the future), I've made some awesome friends and partied like a rockstar. I really have a full life!

I can honestly look back on my life right now and say that I did everything I wanted to do. I would love to take these things to the next level but I have done everything I wanted to do over the years.

What's next for me? More performing. More writing. Lots of writing! I hope to finally publish "Everything Is Not Enough", I have an awesome idea for a movie also, I want to grow this blog and work more as a journalist. I am applying for a fellowship in "artistic criticism" as I hope to take my theatrical writing into theater reviews. P.s. Here is my latest theater piece if you want to check it out:

I'd like to get in the best financial and physical shape of my life this year. I plan on doing Muddy Buddy this summer: I also plan on running The FREEP half-marathon this year!

I have a lot of living to do! Happy birthday to me!

I will be in Merillville, IN at Wiscrackers hosting June 24 and 25. If you are in the area, come check me out! Click here for more information on the club:

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