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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Movie Review: Friends with Benefits (opens July 22, 2011)

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Plan a trip to the theater on July 22nd to see director Will Gluck's "Friends with Benefits" starring Mila Kunis (Jamie) and Justin Timberlake (Dylan).

The two gorgeous actors play a head-hunter and a art director who become friends and decide to add the extra 'benefit' of a physical relationship to the mix. Dylan describes it like 'playing tennis.' You play a match and then you go on about your day. What the two characters discover is that adding sex to their friendship only complicates it.

Kunis is as adorable as ever as the leading lady of the film. She plays an assertive, sexy, quirky career woman with a bit of "baggage" perfectly. She's your best-friend that's been through the ringer in her dating life and you get her, heck, you might even be her.

Timberlake is hilarious per usual with his brilliant mix of sexiness, goofiness and the character's lack of mathematical skills.

Patricia Clarkson is awesome in this movie. But, when isn't she awesome? She is the perfect bohemian-esque, free loving 'MILF.'

Woody Harrelson is the secret weapon in the film bringing tidbits of giggles throughout the flick.

One of the cool features of the film is that it isn't your typical "chic flick." There aren't these crazy romantic love scenes and make out sessions. They are quite realistic with Kunis' character providing some instruction to Timberlake's character during their first encounter. I will leave it at that ;-) But, there's also a moment in the film where Jamie asks Dylan what's wrong with her after another failed dating attempt. It's a moment of insecurity a lot of us have felt after having our feelings hurt one time too many-I'm sure.

Some of the cool cameos in the film include Shaun White, Andy Samberg and Emma Stone amongst a bunch of other familiar faces.

I love the movie. It's funny. It's cute. It's relatable. It's...Well, they show Timberlake's ass! What more do you want? You want more? Okay, well they show Kunis' ass too! If you want more than that, you are just plain greedy!

Take a date to see this movie or bring your best-friend. Hey, even bring your friend with benefits!


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