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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

(Chasing the Dream...Day 868) Focus! Focus! (& show dates)

I haven't done a journal entry in a while as my goal is to now focus more on reviews and local events for this blog. I will, however, occasionally post my upcoming show dates and keep you posted on my creative happenings.

There's a lot on my plate, professionally, right now. Yesterday, I had a BIG interview for a global brand. It's a writing job and it's a very high-profile position and that is exactly what I have been praying for in regards to my writing endeavors. I am at the point in my life and career where I have done the internships, I've done the freelance writing and I've filled my portfolio with a plethora of examples that range from feature articles to press releases to prove my abilities as a writer.

We live in a world where anyone can start a blog or create their own media outlet and call themselves a "writer" and this makes it ten times more difficult to prove yourself. You have to know how to write EVERYTHING. You have to be able to write a media alert. You need to know how to write AP style and Chicago style. You better know how to edit. You have to distinguish yourself in this saturated market where everyone with a laptop says they are a "writer." I think I've done that. I hope I have done that, anyway.

I did not choose to be a writer. It chose me. When I was six-years-old I was writing lyrics to music my niece and I had composed. When I was twelve-years-old it was the only outlet I had to survive being beaten by my middle school bully and called names for being different. Writing became a lifestyle for me. And, I will write for the rest of my life both creatively and professionally. I pray that I get this job because it will require covering a brand spanking new subject matter and challenge me as a writer and also give me the opportunity to show my talents on a bigger scale.

I was thrilled when they told me yesterday that out of hundreds of applicants, I was one of only four to pass the writing test. I am proud of myself for that and even if I don't get the job I will hold on to that and keep dreaming, trying and, most of all, writing.

The past two weeks have been full of blessings. Last week, the director for Shakespeare in the Park ("The Tempest"), here in Metro Detroit, called and offered me the part of Juno the spirit in "The Tempest." The show was only two weeks away but it's a fun and fabulous opportunity and I felt that I was up for the challenge. I always say my spirit is open to all positive opportunities that come my way personally and professionally. And, this was no exception. It's a fun role and a great profesional experience for me as an actor. It's going to be an amazing show! So grateful for the chance to do Shakespeare! In the Park!!!! Wow!

Last week I also received a call from a production company that will be doing a musical called "60s the Musical" in Novi, MI. I will be doing that show in the fall. There's a lot of singing so I will be doing a lot of preparing with my vocal coach. I am so excited to tease my hair, put on the long lashes and sing my heart out.

I had been praying for something new and exciting to happen to me and I got it AND MORE! Needless to say, I get on my knees every night to pray and give thanks.

Being an artist is a constant battle. You are always fighting the battle to keep out negative energy. There are people who tell you that you are too old, too young, you don't have enough experience, you have too much experience, you are too small or too fat, etc. You have to really know who you are as a person and an artist and constantly give yourself reassurance that there is a higher power on your side and believe in your abilities. And, you have to work your booty off! Success comes with a lot of hard work. So, when I hear people say they have a dream and they aren't doing anything about it, I don't believe them. When you really want something-When you REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want something you will do everything in your power (that's moral and legal, of course) to get there. You will go to school, you will do an internship or an apprenticeship, you will hustle hard to get there.

I've been hustling hard for a long-time now and it's looking like it might be paying off. Fingers crossed!

Thanks for reading!


P.s. Here is information on my upcoming shows, if you are interested:

Shakespeare in the Park will be presented at Starr Jaycee Park in Royal Oak, MI. There are three productions this year-"The Tempest", "The Commedia Aladdin" and "Summer Sonnets." Click here for more information on times, dates and ticket prices:

I will be one of the featured comedians at Campus Martius for the "4th Fridays" event presented by Joey's Comedy Club on July 22nd at 6:30 p.m. sharp (I will be booking it down Woodward for the 8 p.m. "The Tempest" show that day).

"60s the Musical" will open this fall and play at Andiamo Novi Theatre in Novi, MI. Stay tuned to this blog for show details.

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