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Monday, August 22, 2011

Chasing the Dream...Day 909

Hey guys!

As always, I have to start by thanking you for coming to my blog. I appreciate the support and time!

I am currently in the process of rehearsing, along with four fabulous women, for the show "Beehive: the 60s Musical" at Andiamo Novi Theatre. It's going to be a really awesome show and I hope you can make it out and come see it! Check the previous blog entry for dates and times. I also provided the phone number to the theater if you want to inquire about dinner/show packages, prices, etc.

We are paying tribute to some of the wonderful female groups and music of the 60s. Some of the songs we are singing include "My Boyfriend's Back", "Will You Still Love Me", "It's My Party", "Where Did Our Love Go", and a bunch of other hits. Come sing along with us and reminisce about a great period in music! I'm excited for you to see it!

The new theater season is almost here! I'm a theater geek so I live for the season and I am so honored and excited to cover some of the shows in the Detroit area. It's such a blessing being able to meet and interview the amazing talent we have here. I will have some new links for you in the next couple of weeks or in regards to some of the awesome entertainment coming to a theater near you! And, make sure to check out the right margin of this blog for links to some of the awesome shows and events I was able to cover last season and most recently.

If you are interested, I recently posted a new video on You Tube from "The 1940s Radio Hour" that I performed in over the winter of this year. It was a fun show! And, I hope you like the video (located in right margin of this blog). "I've Got It Bad" was such a challenging song for me because it's written so jazzy and sporadically. I had to get assistance from my vocal coach to find a way to hit a lot of those notes. It was hard! But, one of the reasons I love doing theater is because it takes me out of my box and that song most certainly did that! I sang it completely different than I did the first time I did "The 1940s..." back in 2004.

I also have a video from that show where I was able to scat. I hope to have that for you on this blog soon! Stay tuned.

This has been such an awesome year for me, professionally. I hope the creative and professional opportunities continue and I have more and more positive news to share with you in the future as I chase my writing and performing dreams.

Light and love,



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