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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Chasing the Dream...Day 952 (2011 WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

This has been the most incredible professional year of my life!

Last year the universe really started opening doors for me and I was able to experience a lot of wonderful opportunities! But, this year has been amazing and exceeded my expectations! Wow! Wow! Wow! I am so happy and I feel so blessed to finally be able to do all of the things that I LOVE to do! I am a writer through and through and I now have the opportunity to do that and ONLY that! I don't have to find supplemental income. I can just work and do what I love-I am fully aware that this is a rarity and I feel SO very blessed and humbled.

I was so scared when I came home from Vegas three years ago. I left job security at the public radio station where I was working but where there was no room for growth. And, when I arrived back in Detroit the auto industry was failing and Wall Street was a mess! It was scary and I've been grinding to make my ends meet ever since and trying to never forget my dreams (to be the female version of Mitch Albom-books, plays, communications and all things media). It's been hard and, being human and all, there have been moments I have felt like giving up. I love Mr. Albom because he does it all. Did I mention he also plays in a band (or he used to at least). But, there were moments when things have not gone my way and it felt like pursuing my creative endeavors as a writer and performer were in vain! This year has proven me completely wrong!

I've been able to do three professional theater productions this year-including Shakespeare in the Park. The show I am in now, "Beehive: the 60s Musical" has done so well that they are thinking about bringing us back in the spring! I have written for a lot of great local media outlets! It's been an amazing ride! And, now as of this upcoming Monday, I will be working full-time working as an Automotive Writer for a brand!!!!!!!!!! That is beyond exciting for me! Branding is huge! It's not just working for a company but handling publicity, writing and promoting for one of the largest automotive companies in the world! ME?!!!! Wow!

I feel like this is just the beginning! I am so excited to see what the future holds! Mr. Albom, watch out! :-)



P.s. I am not sure how often I will be performing but I plan on sneaking in some of my personal creative endeavors every now and then. I am currently brainstorming some new and exciting projects and I hope you will stay tuned to this blog to find out what they are!

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