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Saturday, December 3, 2011

2011: Year in Review

I can't believe 2011 is almost over. Wow!

Professionally, this year has been quite amazing-personally is another story. But, creatively and professionally it has been filled with blessings.

The year started off quite jazzy! I was able to play Geneva Lee Brown in "The 1940s Radio" for the second time. This time around, I actually did the scatting in the show which was really scary for me but I did it. I even got to wear a glamorous long gown this time around and long gloves. It was lovely.

I started writing for Oakland Press (check out some of my work in the right margin of this blog). And, I have had the opportunity to see some of the area's amazing musicals and plays. It has been awesome. Some of the highlights of my entertainment reporting included interviewing Gilbert Gottfried and I got to review Josh Groban's concert in the summer with the amazing pianist, Elew. Sidebar: Next week I get to review "Wicked"-life is good on the reporting side of things.

In the spring, I got to do a SUPER FUN show, "A Musical Salute to Vaudeville and Burlesque." The show included a ton of goofy bits for the first half and the second half was a little sexy with us girls and our fishnet thigh-highs and corsets. I even got to do a burlesque dance with gloves. Pure fun!

Over the summer, and arriving back from a trip to Indiana to do weekend shows at Wisecrackers, I got a call from the director of Shakespeare in the Park's "The Tempest." He asked me if I could fill-in and play one of the spirits in the show. And, with only two weeks before the show opened I joined the cast and learned to fly, literally. The spirits were suspended from wires in trees in various scenes in the show. It was a glorious experience. We used real water and the backdrop of the park and the costumes (including amazing masks by an awesome local artist) created this really epic and beautiful theatrical experience for us as actors and the audience. We received really awesome reviews. But, more than that it was an unforgettable show. I think doing Shakespeare in the Park is an actor's dream and doing it in that environment was beyond my wildest dreams.

This fall I did "Beehive: the 60s Musical." The show did really well. It did so well that we will be bringing it back in March of next year. So, if you missed us the first time around you can see us really soon! Yay!

The most amazing thing about this year happened in late September when I received a phone call that I got THE job! It turns out three is a charm. After three years of trying to find full-time work as a writer, it happened. It was a long process but I got a position as a Lifestyles/Features writer for the Public Relations team for a Fortune 500 company. It's amazing. It's amazing!!!!! After coming home from Vegas three years ago and working retail, temporary jobs, freelance writing and even having a former boss tell me that she didn't think I can write, I have this amazing job! God is real and he is so good! And, I am not one to proclaim my love for him over the internet, but he has been so kind to me this year.

I was looking at my profile for this blog and I asked the question years ago" How long will it take me to become a full-time writer?" I have the answer now and it is finally here.

The future feels wide open and I am so excited for the new year and the possibilities. Dreams do come true and it is only up from here!

I am not sure what I will be doing from a performing aspect other than "Beehive" in March. I haven't had the inspiration to write new jokes and I see myself doing more theater reviews from the audience than actual performing. But, I am open to the possibilities and we will see what will happen. I do know that I will probably be doing some performance art next year as I am working on vignettes to perform which will include lots of props, fun costumes, singing, telling jokes and some aerial gymnastics. So, get ready! I am re-inventing myself as an artist and I am looking forward to sharing some of the ideas that live in my head with the world.

Life is good and I know the miracles that God has worked in my professional life he will bring to my personal life.

P.s. I met Mitch Albom this year and on my birthday! Highlight!!!

Dreams come true. They really do!

Happy New Year everybody! And, cheers to 2012!



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