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Friday, May 25, 2012

Artist Evolution

At my core--my foundation, who I am--I am an artist. I have always been and I will always be a writer.

When I would go to school everyday as a 12 year old and the kids would bully me to the point where I would become physically sick, I would go home and write short stories, journal about my day and use my brain to create instead of allowing my cognitions to wallow in the pain of middle school. That was a long time ago, but the need to write lives within me and I can not function without putting paper to pen, or my fingers to the keyboard. It is a lifestyle for me and not just what I do to make my ends meet.

Artists grow and evolve and that is what I am doing as I look to take my writing to the next level or chapter. My 9-to-5 feeds my pocketbook and my theater critiques feed my need to write, view theater and advocate the arts here in Detroit. Unfortunately, some of the work I see might mean a bad review, but it is still playing its role in contributing to the creative community in the City of Detroit. But, as I stated earlier, I am evolving as an artist and from where I am sitting that means changing my writing, outlet and what I do to feed my pocketbook. Am I being vague? Yes. I will, however, tell you this...I hope to have a new exciting platform for my theater reviews this summer and I will share that news with you soon...hopefully. Also, I am working on a very exciting theater initiative in addition to the evolution of my work as a literary artist and journalist (You can get a clue as to what that is by viewing my previous blog entry). Stay tuned to this blog for more on my journey and how things will change for this girl who at the end of the day is and will always be a matter what happens or changes.



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