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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Deactivate Me

I recently deactivated my personal Facebook and Twitter accounts for a couple of reasons. First, I want to focus on my business without any distractions. I don't want to be writing content for my website and in the midst of that grab my phone to update my status telling everybody that is my "friend" or "follower" that I am writing content for my website. I want to just do it. I need to focus on my site and other aspects of my startup business. I want to launch sooner rather than later. I feel empowered by my learning experience at Tech Town and I am ready to make the plan I created a reality.

One of the other reasons I deactivated my account was because of some of the crazy subject matter I see on these social networks sometimes. It's like people leave no mystery about their lives tweeting about everything from bikini waxes to sexual positions. And, every time I read something on there like that I think to myself, wow they don't have or ever want a good job. It's wild! I don't want to know that much about anyone and I'd like to be ignorant when it comes to that part of people's lives. There is something to be said about life pre-social networking. At this moment I want to focus on my business, like I said, but I also want to enjoy the privacy and intimacy of living quietly.

I will be back on Twitter and Facebook in the future. I have a business to share with the world, and ideas that people may but probably don't care about :-) But, in the meantime, if you do care to know my "status", you'll have to do something me. LOL...Or, check this blog!

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