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Friday, June 22, 2012

Getting all the "nos" out of the way to make room for "yes"

Hi friends,

I am on quite a rollercoaster ride right now. My career as a writer is pretty stable (I never knows what tomorrow will bring in the world of literary arts), I am finishing up a program at Tech Town and I just feel like a new chapter is beginning.

Writing for the corporate world has been quite a challenge lately but I have learned a lot about myself as a writer. For example, the art of rewriting has become a bit easier--I am sure all of my fellow writers know what I am talking about. It is relatively easy to put an idea on paper, but adapting it to fit the needs of a business while maintaining some ounce of creativity can be challenging. Writing for a business is less art and more technical. But, it's been quite an experience for me and I am blessed to have it. I am also excited for any opportunities that result from this experience.

If you've been tracking this blog, you know that I have been working on a creative project. And, it's going well (SEE MY FOX 2 NEWS DETROIT INTERVIEW A FEW BLOGS BEFORE THIS ONE). I should have an update for you pretty soon. I will tell you this, my business plan is done, although I am constantly editing it, and tomorrow I will present my plan to a panel at Tech Town for review. Fingers crossed that it goes well. But, I feel confident and prepared.

To my friends who know that I recently applied for a writing fellowship, I didn't get it. But, it may have been the universe telling me that I need to concentrate on my Tech Town project and instead of being the 'jack of all trades' become a master of that project. Plus, rejection is a good thing. It makes you stronger and opens the door for other opportunities. It's like my mentor says, "you have to get the nos out of the way to make room for yes."

To all of my fellow dreamers and go getters, let's keep pushing. I haven't seen my dreams fully realized. But, I feel it coming and it feels amazing!



P.s. Next theater season I plan to do even MORE reviews so keep your eyes on the tab in the left margin of this blog. It's going to be packed with shows to see for all my fellow theater geeks!

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